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for Blooming of the Flower Hero

5/13 c1 KingOfEmptyness
yea, no
2/16 c12 Guest
I don't like Botan's progression.

He never works out, even if it doesn't increase his stats (which it should), it should make him more flexible and sensible in a fight.

He rarely expirements with his flower to see how they could be used or his skills.

He also doesn't try to dedicate some time on training his magic.

It's actually a bit worse than Naofumi. And he didn't prioritize leveling at all.
2/8 c14 10ultima-owner
so the Tree is a monster but it's one so powerful that finds humans to weak to even be an annoyance let alone a threat to it's existence
12/13/2023 c13 Giggity Master
Hopefully he got exp from killing the merc leader.
10/27/2023 c13 2Amit Barabi
Cool. I wonder if Botan is planning to give the health potion to the king.
9/21/2023 c12 10Robotech275
Myskel is absolutely adorable.

Also, Botan is never reading those other methods.
9/14/2023 c6 2Amit Barabi
I love the world building.
Also, I find it funny that you mentioned Minecraft because I thought about that game when I started reading this story.
9/14/2023 c5 Amit Barabi
You explained that there are dimensions to magic. Does that mean you can make a drawing or runes on paper and use that for two-dimensional magic?
8/11/2023 c9 1fractalman
Truk kun council: "that world? That world is now OFF LIMITS. We DO NOT GO THERE. "
"So we outsource this to Convenient Falling piano?"
"We tried that already. She barely even noticed."
"what about escalating to Convenient Falling Anvil?"
"...maybe, but i'm worried about her equipping the anvil."
"my assembly line NOooo!"
7/7/2023 c1 gaelicplatypus
Truck-kun thirsts for blood
4/13/2023 c8 Giggity Master
The waifu isn't gonna be the flower girl, is it? I'm not against the idea I just felt it would too easy or obvious.
4/13/2023 c7 Giggity Master
Bro, what's the name of the wood?
3/6/2023 c1 12BiazarKaiser
when the true protagonist is to fuckin mental in their original world that they keep saying fuck your summons I want my brother back
3/5/2023 c1 BiazarKaiser
I'll be honest the concept made me chuckle and got my interest, so I like it just for that alone
2/25/2023 c6 ER-47
Great story please update soon
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