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for MvP: Monsters vs Predator

1/18 c1 Guest
3/20/2023 c1 2Night Shadow76
I love it, in all honesty, this kind of fic makes the most sense. Monster Hunter has SO many beasts to hunt, not just for the Hunters, but for the Yautja as well. I can see the Yautja seeing the Elder Dragons and the Black Dragons as the TRUE Ultimate prey. Cause I doubt a Xenomorph queen and her hive can take on a damn Alatreon.
2/11/2023 c1 Austin Jones
Why has nobody ever tried this before? Looks amazing! And still believable!
2/1/2023 c1 1nantono
1/29/2023 c1 Mike Masterson
1/17/2023 c1 Guest
This is very interesting. For some reason it never really did occur to me that Monster Hunter would be paradise for a Yautja
1/15/2023 c1 3Marc Ello-Re Yes
The Predators would probably be welcomed with open arms in the Hunter Community. I'm not too sure what the Hunter's Guild's policy would be with what is basically trophy hunting, but the Hunters would basically be on the same level as a Yautja in his prime since they hunt Monsters on the daily. it would be interesting to see how a Yautja would interact with Monster Hunter humans without trying to kill them.

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