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for Baymax! Season 2

4/28 c6 12Blue Tagg
Aww, now that's a nice way to end the story.
4/27 c6 Tom327
Amazing Chapter
3/30 c5 Guest
I like that chapter. But what do you mean the end? The first season of Baymax has six episodes, so I think you should make one more chapter of Baymax! Season 2. One that involves Nora going into labor and Baymax enlisting the help from Hiro, the patients from season 1, Jared, Addison, Milo, and daisy to bring Nora to the hospital so she can give birth to her baby.
3/30 c5 Blue Tagg
3/29 c5 Tom327
Amazing Chapter
3/3 c4 Tom327
Amazing Chapter
2/16 c3 Blue Tagg
I'm sure James would be happy knowing his good friend was taking care of his dog.
2/12 c3 Tom327
Amazing Chapter
1/26 c2 Blue Tagg
Hopefully, this will encourage them to do more family time.
1/15 c1 Blue Tagg
"Better out than in, I always say."

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