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1/24 c4 sandygirl
Ok I'm loving this story more and more! When we gonna know who v v's father is,is he still around. Please update soon,keep up the great work!
1/21 c3 Guest
1/18 c3 sandygirl
Wow Erin is a bit bitchy isn't she! Let her rot in jail they're trying to keep her and vv safe. You really have me on the edge of my seat please update soon!
1/17 c2 dianehermans
not for me anymore i hate Jay with Hailey
1/16 c2 sandygirl
Thanks for the quick update! This just gets better and better. Can't wait to see what's next,who V. is! Will we find that out soon?
1/16 c1 dianehermans
great start
1/15 c1 sandygirl
Ok this just got interesting! Can't wait for more.

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