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18h c20 Barbatus Lupus Rex
I love your stories and all, but fuck you man for deleting the lemon
19h c14 Barbatus Lupus Rex
Nooooo the lemon !
19h c11 Barbatus Lupus Rex
Nooooo not the lime
20h c9 Barbatus Lupus Rex
Although i applaud you for you’re creativity of the story, i still feel a little sad about what happened in this chapter, seeing naruto being forced to fight those who he once called friends is very saddening
20h c7 Barbatus Lupus Rex
Honestly your stories are amazing, creative, gut wrenching, and overall very enjoyable
4/17 c4 Guest
wow, this looks VERY promising so far
4/16 c24 Jolman ramos
estuvo increible espero el proximo
4/12 c24 SFIAT
What a way to end the chapter! That was perfection!
4/11 c24 marlastiano
good :)
4/9 c24 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter! :D :)
I forget which chapter it was but Neji and Tenten both cared for Gai alot. The only other issue i have is that naruto killing people that he totally outclasses is just to ooc if its a friend. He basically beat lee and said 'oop he still mad and wants to fight so i started blastin' and yes this is a changed naruto. But naruto killed gai, so he knows lee aint thinkin clearly. Naruto himself couldnt get over sasuke leaving to orochimaru for years, he should of at most crippled lee because of circumstances
This movie still (not this fic the actual movie) dont sit right with me. Naruto does the impossible time and time again and they lock him up without twllin him its a mission. Like wtf you can trust him with the info thats revealed in the movie later on its not like he would blow the operation up causing it to fail if he knew what was goin on.
4/8 c24 DragonEyesBlue
hui, si que se prendio esta mierda. aunque me sorprende que no pisara y le rompiera la garganta al raikage con lo debilitado que estaba y como lo tenia a su mersed
espero pronto el proximo capitulo
4/8 c24 LunaShadowWolf
fantastic story overall looking forward to seeing what happens next. love seeing the dynamics between konan and naruto and naruto and the others as the story has progressed. i hope as the story continues to progress that konan and naruto make time for one another along with dealing with the various conflicts that are happening or that will happen along with finding balance between the work of ruling and there relationship. keep up the fantastic work.
4/8 c1 SamsonOfOld
I think I should remind every reader and author on this website that if you're trying to use a alternate platform to charge try and charge your readers for Early Access to content that is not yours because legally you cannot legally charge anyone money for this anime based fanfiction Bible regarding copyright laws and so on and so forth understand that this is considered copyright infringement and can result in massive lawsuits understand that every author on this platform that tries to charge you for Early Access on patreon is breaking well multiple Lowe's in regards to copyright infringement and still in people's works now keep in mind you can legally write this piece of fanfiction and share it with others for free but you cannot legally charge anyone at all whatsoever for this content even if it's a pre-release it's illegal you work technically considered a criminal by doing so, so in regards fanfiction about anything and it doesn't matter if it's an anime or cartoon and movie you cannot legally charge anyone for money to read it even prematurely because you do not have a legal authority nor do you have legal ownership to do so you are only given rights to write your story as a fan fiction you have to give a disclaimer saying you do not own the content and you do not profit off the content and if at any point you tried to charge for the content you can be legally found ensued in your electronic equipment confiscated as evidence I've been in this shindig for 4 years I know it is legal and I know what is not legal you cannot charge regardless of how much you change the original anime into your own fan base fiction you cannot legally charge anyone and force them to pay you to read your story next thing it's like if I decide to want to still call of duty coding from fagotvision okay I cannot legally by law under threat of going to court and being sued beyond belief I cannot you cannot legally steal someone else's hard work and change it now there is a way you can do it but you cannot leave it under the same name and what you're doing is you're leaving underneath the same name involving the same characters and nothing about the series is really been changed you were making a fanfiction that means a free story for people to read and enjoy you my good sir are committing a criminal act I would advise you to stop trying to charge people on patreon because you are not only scamming people who are stupid enough to pay for your dog s*** but won't be very hard to have you arrested
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