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for Koi no Yokan

2/19 c1 Disfunktional
This should have been canon.
2/18 c1 Logical-Tadkins
Not often I see a yuri's pairing between Naruko and Satsuki but damn do I like it! Hope to see more!
1/29 c1 Guest
My guess as to why this is not very popular is simply not enough words i would add a bit more to it so that people can see you is updating
Mainly saying this because more often than not i won't read a story below 20k words
1/26 c1 Tyrese
this'll be the first yuri story I read. actual Crack cocaine was injected into my veins from reading this and I need more.
1/22 c1 That Dude There By Himself
You now have two sufficiently unique stories that have pulled me in. I’m a sucker for well written, intriguing, unique stories that take a different route then canon. Looking forward to more.

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