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for Deathly Thunderstorms

12/31/2023 c15 2QueenoftheEast
Is she ever going to find Sirius? And are the bounties going to go up?
12/20/2023 c15 Zille1234
love the story
11/15/2023 c15 2Kana-chan01
Hey !
Just want to tell you that I really like your story and I'm waiting to read the rest (n_n)

See you next time !
8/24/2023 c1 Guest
bounty hunting license lmao
7/30/2023 c14 Jostanos
Omake: Law just smiled as he cleaned her cut and said "But I'm your Jackass, Wyn-ya."

Omake end.

Please continue when you may with this fantastic story, BK. :)
7/22/2023 c13 reptoholic
Thanks for the update, keep up the amazing work.
7/22/2023 c12 reptoholic
Keep it up
7/22/2023 c11 reptoholic
Loving it. Great job
7/22/2023 c10 reptoholic
7/22/2023 c9 reptoholic
7/20/2023 c13 Jostanos
True enough, BK.
Still... It would be nice if he (Law) would lighten up about Wyn's past with Ace and Katakuri. They were just here friends and nothing more than that.

Law, your jealousy is, in my opinion, unwarranted. Heh... It doesn't even have a Berry reward! XD

*ahem* Please continue when you may, BK. :)
6/1/2023 c12 Jostanos
I am glad that Shanks and Law are getting along rather well.
5/11/2023 c11 Jostanos
For some reason I am picturing Wyn whistling the tune that "Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse)" does in his short film. I wonder why.

*ahem* Ace and Luffy are safe and recovering thanks to Wyn's arrival and assist.
But how long may it take them to fully recover?
5/9/2023 c11 4OFARiolu
Love the story so far and in so happy Ace was saved!
5/8/2023 c10 Jostanos
Law and Wyn are finally together.
Wyn met Luffy and some of his crew, but may they meet again in the future?
At least three world nobles got themselves thunder shocked by Wyn at the auction house.
Grr... so many other details and other random stuff I'd also like to add here, but they are too many to list and to remember, let alone catch to type when your manic mind goes from zero to escape velocity every second.

*anime sighs* BK, please continue when you may with this fantastic story. :)
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