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for Deathly Thunderstorms

2/12/2023 c5 Jostanos
*chuckles warmly* I just had an interesting thought What if one of the Gubi was another version of Neville Longbottom's Trevor?
2/5/2023 c5 4TheMarphasChappers
Law's inner mad scientist is showing and I love it lol, thanks for the chapter.
1/31/2023 c4 7Sage Morsinger
Law/Wyn fluff!
1/27/2023 c4 4TheMarphasChappers
I love this.
1/27/2023 c3 LeFay93
Really really want to like this story... But I really dislike Rei and it's kinda sad. But I truly despise her.
1/25/2023 c2 Wolf
No! How could you leave a cliffhanger it is so good.
1/26/2023 c3 hollypop2014
Thank you for the new chapter and so fast! I really love how introverted you made her. It’s so relatable xD I feel like that’s not shown a lot in fiction and is a really nice touch. I look forward to the next chapter too!
1/26/2023 c3 1Agentdarkjewel
<3 thank you!
1/25/2023 c2 hollypop2014
Wow thoroughly intrigued. Thank youI look forward to future chapters.
1/25/2023 c2 7Sage Morsinger
Finally! Finally! Finally! This is gonna be the best one piece/Harry Potter crossover ever! I love the pairing you chose too!
1/24/2023 c2 31Sakura Lisel
Oh… Law is going to be pissed when he realizes who his latest patient is. *lol*
1/24/2023 c2 pupstarstar
I wonder how embarrassed she will be when she wakes up, plus extra if she has to be stripped?
1/24/2023 c2 14Hyrulian Hero Akai
Oh you are evil. Managing a new chapter within a day only to end it with a cliffhanger? I need more! D
1/24/2023 c1 Hyrulian Hero Akai
Wasn't sure about this given the summary alone but you do good work so I decided to check it out. Yes. All of the yes. Love and it cant wait to read more.
1/23/2023 c1 1Agentdarkjewel
Female Harry and Law? You’re spoiling us darling!
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