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3/23 c6 BusGrunts
I enjoyed this story so far. Is the shingan going to be the only Uzumaki ability Naruto gets, or is there a chance for fuinjutsu or kongo fusa? I always love Asuma being the sensei in fanfics, so I'm excited to see where this will go. Keep up the great work!
3/19 c6 Paradoxity
Honestly surprised english isn't your 1st language, you hardly have any grammar mistakes and all the dialogue flows seemlessly. One of the better NarutoxIno fics I've read and I've probably read a bit TOO much of fanfiction at this point.
Hope you're feeling better and can churn out a chapter whenever you can. Great read so far.
3/18 c6 espressoat10
Loving this story so far !
3/15 c6 codywhite162
This is such an excellent Naruto and Ino story! I recently discovered it and fell in love with how you are writing it! Excellent work and I am very excited to see you continue it!
3/14 c6 21Spidey2
Love this! Keep going!
3/14 c6 hqjkat
would love to see this continue
3/14 c6 hqjkat
this a pretty lovely story without much biased on one character. i love how Ino is displayed in this story. she is my favorite female character along with Kurenai.
3/13 c6 Hitsugana
This is really great so far! Keep it up!
3/10 c6 Gamerlover
This story is so good! So wholesome man. We love your work but I promise you we would all prefer you happy and healthy, so take all the time that you need. Feel better!
3/10 c1 Power Taco
Huh. I do most of my reading on ao3 but still check here from time to time and I'm glad I did because this is a very unique and fun take so far that I'm really enjoying. Usually with these you get ino does the mind thing and decides i should be nicer to him but here she's just a normal person.

Yeah she has her flaws but so does Naruto.

I greatly look forward to seeing how the friendship and later relationship develops and you know in regards to Karin? I can actually see it working really well when all is said and done.

So thank you very much for writing this. I'm gonna devour the rest of this after work, but I just wanted to leave this for you now so you know how much I enjoyed the first chapter.
3/7 c5 lycnt
don't really like Naruto being older for no reason, but it has been a good read nonetheless
3/4 c6 bumike99
Excellent fic, can't wait to see more!
3/2 c6 WalkerFRD
Sempre quis ver uma fic sobre esse casal, mas nunca procurei uma, devo dizer que gostei muito do que vi até agora, vou estar no aguardo das atualizações.
3/2 c6 leblanq
Good Story one of the best I read in a while, can't wait for more!
3/2 c5 leblanq
Naruto is younger than Sasuke not older. Sasuke was already born during the Kyuubi attack.
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