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for The Time of Ice and Shadow

3/16 c1 brittaincw021
Okay so almost over 2 months now. Wheres the update. Youve been updating the other stories. This is way too good. Please update soon
3/9 c1 Guest
Oh I am loving the start of this story, please continue the writing it. Can't wait for more!
3/8 c1 Fox Sage 1
Good story and is a different start for this pairing, because they always meet after the first year so update please I'm curious
3/5 c1 2adafrog
3/2 c1 Floyd Dickey1
Please update soon I'm intrigued by this story
2/25 c1 lartessier44
interesting start and I'm sorry chapter 2 isn't up as I'd like to know what happens next. Looks like a winner.
2/25 c1 craigaloutsch
I so far
2/16 c1 Raven
Nice chapter
2/16 c1 a.xmeave
please update
2/16 c1 730Radiant Arabian Nights
~Love this story~
~~Please write more soon:)~~
But take your time it's ok!
~~~This is great:)~~~
Keep up the good work!
~~~~Really Well Written~~~~
Looking forward to reading more when you can:)!
~~~~~Your doing Great...Amazing...Really Well Done!~~~~~
Fantastic Job!:):)
~~~~~~Can't wait for the next update!~~~~~~
Fabulous Writing!
~~~~~Memorable Work~~~~~
2/9 c1 1ABeaupain
Fun opening! Thanks for sharing
2/2 c1 AbdulBasit
Amazing start, Please do post it more often.
1/28 c1 Linda
Good start more please
1/29 c1 CMdkelley
I'm looking forward to reading more from. you!
1/28 c1 hopewell07phillip
I like where this is going. How often are updates going to come.
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