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for Total Drama Nostalgia *Rewrite*

1/27 c6 Adeycoola1234
Love this chapter especially when Zoey stopped Duncan from making the same stupid mistake and Kitty messing with Duncan Glad you're back
1/24 c6 210gman5846
It's good to see you again as always.

Poor Cody..

Can't wait for the next episode!
1/23 c6 22Brainstorm297
Awesome chapter dude, glad to see you back. Also season 2 of the reboot was kinda meh. It was good up until after the episode thay Owen made his VERY needed cameo. I personally think Julia is overrated, along with Priya, but seeing Caleb and Wayne make it all the way was great. Should have been Damien but still. Favorite characters in this story are obviously Duncan and Zoey. I love their friendship so freaking much. Can't wait to see more!
10/30/2023 c1 5VoteDonaldJTrump2024
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10/7/2023 c1 Adeycoola1234
Hey when are u going to update again
6/28/2023 c5 6LatrellTD
I really loved this chapter, it gave me so much content, and I just wanna ask, is Duncan going to get some more shine this season or are you staying neutral with him?
6/17/2023 c5 Guest
I like your story amigo, especially with how you’re writing Duncan. Also idk if you will or not but think you can get Dawn and Scott to interact with each other a bit? If not then that’s fine too. Can’t wait to see the next chapter
6/7/2023 c5 Adeycoola1234
Could you please update your story I love it
4/2/2023 c5 Adeycoola1234
Thanks for a great chapter dude. I guess it is pretty obvious now
4/1/2023 c5 22Brainstorm297
Another great chapter as always. I loved the moments you had with Duncan and Zoey, and Duncan and Lindsay. Too bad Tyler's gone, he's so underrated, but at least we went out with his dignity intact. Duncan will always be my favorite character. Can't wait to see the next chapter!
3/16/2023 c4 adeycoola1234
Will Duncan and Kitty have a relationship like in your previous fanfic? If so that would be pretty cool
3/13/2023 c4 210gman5846
Good one.

I liked the Duncan & Zoey moment, along with the Courtney & Gwen alliance as always.

And I already knew Lightning would go home.

Great work as always!
2/25/2023 c3 adeycoola1234
2/25/2023 c3 Adeycoola1234
Can't wait for next chapter. Hope Duncab can let go of his pride and redeem himself. And everyone else was right while duncan wasn't exactly innocent in their relationship, Gwen did ignore him at times for no reason.
2/23/2023 c3 leo45
Amy, yes, she's smart, I don't doubt she'll go far, although I don't like her, I'm sure karma will come for her as it did with the previous villains in total drama.

With Sierra, well, she's not my favorite character, but it wouldn't hurt if you make her better in Aftermath by doing something like Cody did with Trent and Gwen in season one.

(maybe coming back for just one episode or fixing a misunderstanding in Aftermath)
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