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for Pokemon: Smash or Pass

3/31 c2 1v2
i got to say you are one brave write, cause i don't think any other write ewould post a fic listing the pokemon they would smash

i got a question for ya, ya ever thought of doing a pokemon smut fic [[ crossover or non crossover either work ]] featureing the pokemon ya smash [[ anthro version,monster girl version or whatever version ]] as the caught pokemon that the main character/protagonist use/caught
6/5/2023 c1 Guest
You realize Nidorina and Nidoqueen belong to the No egg group meaning only nidoran(F) can have kids.
2/17/2023 c2 XXX777
I'd smash Latias.
1/31/2023 c1 XLR8wuzhere
Bruh xD, you’d smash a damn flareon and vaporeon.
1/30/2023 c1 157Farla
Not a fic.
1/25/2023 c1 Guest
Smash or Pass? What this is about?
1/26/2023 c1 8Lukepace414
Smash or Pass? What is this is about?
1/25/2023 c1 Draegoon
hope you do the regional forms
1/25/2023 c1 XXX777
Ever heard of Pokégirls?
1/25/2023 c1 God of Wind 200
I knew you would smash Meowth because after all got to smash that puss lol
1/25/2023 c1 4PathOfKuma

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