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for Someone To You

5/19 c5 3silverfox02029
here we go
tadashi's genius strikes again...but seriously someone should give the guy a break!
its a literal hide and seek game between the police and bh6 going on here!

but incredible chapter. even after 2 months it still pulls me in..:)

cant wait for the next update!
5/2 c5 38Dr. Kineil D. Wicks
"I wonder if it had anything to do with the fire"-YES.
Also pretty sure that'd be entrapment get lawyer-Baymax on the case.
Awesome chapter! Can't wait to see more! :D
3/17 c4 Dr. Kineil D. Wicks
*reads last line* AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Been following along and I gotta say awesome job! So excited to see a certain someone back and causing problems. :D
(also happy St. Patrick's Day)
3/6 c3 3silverfox02029
hey helena!
its been sooo long!

man you guys have written so many stories!

i like the premise of this takes off just after the fire and deals with its consequences with tadashi alive... i have read sooo many fics with this trope but im excited to see what twist you guys will bring :)
also you've got me really curious as to what the plot actually is as the summary is pretty unhelpful in providing me with it...cheeky.

im glad you've brought head injuries the attention they deserve! more often that not the character gets hit with a boulder or something and they walk it off unscathed after being unconscious for a few hours like nothing ever happened...VERY WRONG...
head injuries are a serious thing and im happy you've inculcated that...

wait... might have a crush on cass? wow cant wait to see where that ends up..

i've got a few questions actually especially with the part where honey was injured...can she walk off gunshot injuries just like that? i thought it might be a little unrealistic over there which brings me too the next point...tadashi is visually impaired currently right? so how could he treat honey's wounds and be tranquilized?
also do they sell sleeping pills and drugs without a prescription?

it would be great if these questions would be answered!

hoping to see more updates :)

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