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for Reconciliation

9/25 c6 Jaxa
Well done. I can feel their pain and still hope for their return to reach other.
9/21 c6 Capt. Kathryn
This is so good; please continue!
8/15 c5 Chez Lui

I like this story and your writing a lot! After years of reading fanfic, this story actually sticks to my brain and I’d really like to know how it ends.
Thank you!
4/7 c3 Sheena Ainsbury
Please, please tell me that there is more chapters to this story! It cannot end here
4/7 c1 Sheena Ainsbury
Wonderful start... can't wait to
3/10 c3 17lizzy74656
This is an interesting side of Chakotay, something I feel some people forget. The last few paragraphs between brother - the heartbreaker and the sister - the patient listener, is good and the fact he'd admitted that he'd broken his own heart as well, shows he's not as blind to what was happening around him with Kathryn and Seven as some people suppose. Great.
2/19 c2 Cred2029
This is very good, I hope you are planning to continue and we get a J/C happy ending
2/13 c1 Guest
I love this and I want more!
2/13 c2 Guest
It's a very good story. Will it continue, or is it finished? I would like to read much more about this.
2/5 c1 Guest
Please, I want to read more of this.
2/4 c1 9NikitaKaralis
Interesting start, I hope you have more up your sleeve! Bravo!
2/3 c1 Guest
I'd be interested to see where this goes; it's really good writing!

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