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for (Not So) Hated By Life Itself

15h c67 Juxshoa
Yes, time for some awkward downtime for everyone! After all this, everything is up in the air for the future(unless you plan to adapt seasons 23).
9/19 c66 Juxshoa
Ahhh! The tears! This has been such an emotional rollercoaster!
9/16 c1 Juxshoa

It was a good chpater!
9/16 c65 Juxshoa
Wait! NOOO! This can't end like this!? Could it? Will it? You vile tormentor, you had to end the chapter in a cliffhanger!

Still a good chapter though. What? NOOO! THIS CANNOT END LIKE THIS! Can it? Will it? You vile tormentor, you had to end the chapter on a cliffhanger!?

Still a good chapter though
9/12 c64 Juxshoa
Ahhh! Finally, the confession! I've been waiting for this moment! And, of course, Fred figured it all out before hand!

Such an intense chapter!
9/9 c63 Juxshoa
Fallen right into a trap, I can already imagine Obake having a panic attack over this.
9/5 c62 Juxshoa
Oh no! Now Hiro's being targeted...again. With no BH6, how is Obake gonna be able to stop himself? Make an Ironman suit!?
9/1 c61 Juxshoa
I had to read up on Trina since my knowledge on the BH6 show is limited and alot of things clicked into place for me. What will Trina's reaction be to a younger Obake? Will she rat him out as a fake or something? This is going to be intense!
8/29 c60 Juxshoa
Obake and Tadashi to the rescue? But I think this is going to end with Obake and Hiro in an argument of some kind.
8/25 c59 Juxshoa
Another good chapter but since Hiro brought it up, I'm now wondering what Obake is up to...hopefully not dying from stress.
8/24 c58 Juxshoa
Poor Hiro being teased...and then proceeds to get into trouble! Hopefully this 'date' works out.
8/18 c57 Juxshoa
A little less on the plot but Hiro is getting a girlfriend(maybe?).
8/18 c56 Juxshoa
Oooo, a 3rd party has entered the fray! Can't wait to see how this pans out!

Hiro will probably still get in trouble tho!
8/15 c55 Juxshoa
Tadashi has his work cut out for him but how is Obake gonna solve the situation? He has to tell someone about his origins eventually to get help.
8/9 c54 Juxshoa
Once again, poor Obake. But I got a sneaking suspicion if Hiro goes to Good Luck might not end well for him.
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