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3/7 c2 zeonstar360
lol wow someone will give you shit for the one liner at the end that was bad... that said id gone with tomato soup joke or bug go splat lol
3/7 c2 22edboy4926
Awesome chapter
Looking forward to more
3/7 c1 edboy4926
Awesome intro
3/7 c2 flevantein
Oh darn, this is good. This is GOOOD!
Aside from full frontal SI, it seems I can't get any UC gundam fic worth reading. Looks like we can get another masterpiece coming... (Hopefully)
Great chapter, the way you put Leina & Fa's POV is a good move. The plot is still going canon, can't wait to see where it start to derailed.
2/16 c1 Azai Jin
Thanks for this new story!

I hope this story will get an update soon, as I really love Gundam SI stories!

Looking forward to reading more!
2/13 c1 Kraut007
This is a promising start. I alyways like Gundam stories, where the protagonist point out that both the Principality and the Federation sucks, therefore going a third way. Trying to turn Axis and Haman arround is an intresting concept. Looking forward to more chapters.
2/9 c1 9Solmanthe1st
Well, this is a surprise to be sure. I didn't think I'd see an In Da Nai Al Gundam fanfiction, it's nice to see another great Gundam UC Author.
2/5 c1 1DazAonte
I can feel the evil forming. I like it
2/4 c1 Theocorvin
Very interesting start of the story and given how rare is to find SI gundam canon pilot stories out there.

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