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for The Outer Lord

9/21 c10 Guest
Okina probably took his sword.
9/17 c10 3Thorius Maximus
An interesting spin on the Radahn festival. I liked the way you tried to integrate Sekiro into this, through Talos's mentality on combat and honor, as well as the set up you are building with each chapter, for later plot points.

Although I wonder if Talos may loose himself into his "godhood" as his morality risks becoming "alien" to those of mortals.
9/14 c10 giovvaniauditore
9/14 c10 Goose
Very very good :D
9/11 c10 Timesliger
I wonder how Rani will react If Talso shows her the Multiple Moonlight Greatswords he has, that would be interesting to see him explain
9/8 c10 Marsuvees Black The Dark Lord
The bloody "samurai" stole his sword didn't he.
9/8 c10 1TheGreatBubbaJ
That cheeky weasel stole his sword.
9/8 c10 3Ayman El Kadouri
Love that sekiro reference good job on the fight
9/8 c10 Nitroman98
Awesome chapter, I cant wait to read the next one
9/8 c10 Guest
Love the chapter

Hope Therolina ends up in the company of Talos again soon
9/8 c10 Another Guest
Okina stole that sword like a little loot goblin, didn't he?
9/7 c10 Anton980
Amazing fight scenes. Scenes with Alexander never fail to entertain.
9/7 c10 Veritocracy
the idea that mohg has been waiting for the stars to continue, almost as if he needs miquella's fate to progress so that some form of blood ritual can manipulate that fate, is interesting, especially if you subscribe to the belief that the blood star of the land of reeds and the formless mother are the same
9/7 c10 Timesliger
That was awesome, your right about him getting a big send off and i loved it, I’m curious at how Talso will interact with Sellen and if Talos meets millicent again soon
9/5 c9 bassplayer123
Damn, this is an amazing fic. It's a shame it doesn't seem to be getting much attention, because it's definitely one of the best Soulsborne fics out there, and you clearly know your stuff when it comes to the lore.

Just a small suggestion, maybe tag the fic as a Dark Souls Elden Ring crossover because your MC has clearly gone through all the Soulsborne games and it's not just an Elden Ring fic. I would suggest adding Demon's Souls and Bloodborne too in the tags, but I don't know if that's possible.
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