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for Night at the museum: Kahmunrah rises again review

7/9 c1 10arwenishtar
I LOVED YOUR REVIEW! Thank you so much for stating the facts. The truth is that if they had wanted to make a fourth movie (which I might have loved), they should have kept the characters as themselves instead of just making the whole thing a "comedy" act without any meaning behind it. I suspect they didn't keep it live action because of Robin William's passing, but still, they could have come up with a reason for why that character was absent or replaced the actor (tentatively). I also love how you mentioned Ahkmenrah's absence, that was heavily felt by me.

Your review was very wise.
2/23 c1 MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior
Yeah, I kind of have to agree. While I would give it a 5/10 since I still enjoy it, the continuity issues does kind of hamper the experience. Plus them including Joan of Arc did feels rather odd since they could have went with Lancelot to fit in with the 3rd film.
2/5 c1 Barney
This is not fanfic it doesn’t belong on this site.

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