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for My Boss' Daughter

4/28 c10 cami
!3 3 3
4/29 c10 23chyron girl
So glad you're still working on this. I'm as disappointed as Emma that their first date had to be postponed. Thanks for posting.
4/28 c10 KazooKaren
This is so good! I’m hoping you will consider more chapters or another story with this relationship. I’d love to read more.
In any case, thank you for sharing this story with us. I appreciate it!
3/21 c8 Pam11
Really like this story. Looking forward to reading more.
2/14 c9 2Laurarose145
Hi I really like this story and was wondering if you are still planning on continuing it
2/6 c8 cami
2/6 c9 Montauksea
Can't get to chapter 9.
2/6 c1 23chyron girl
Sorry you had issues and had to repost. I'm still following and looking forward to reading more.
2/5 c9 Scarlet3086
Im so looking forward for the big date! Keep the chapters coming!

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