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for A Colorful Life

5/13 c21 Crywolf178
I’m really curious how Amy would react to Ditto. I mean ditto is just straight up shape shifter.

Also if while ditto Blake could become other Pokemon types with transform or would it require seeing them in person to transform in which case could he transform into parahumans?
5/1 c16 schelker2games
that coil interlude was a bit too messed up for my tastes
4/16 c16 0vrLrd71
ugh. coils interlude (even that word brings me disgust right now) was just disgusting
4/16 c31 Niuzu0130
Victini is the very best
4/11 c34 0vrLrd71
Shit, it was worth it to binge read, havent read the quest in a bit, last time was around the firdt pho chapter iirc, or a bit after that, around chapter 12 here.

anyways thid was an awesome read, like always when it comes to you

Also lmao, silly Vicky, your sister triggered because you got injured and you still have that "im invincible" schtick
4/10 c33 0vrLrd71
heh, emily is totally upset that he doesnt visit her everyday or anything
4/9 c20 0vrLrd71
Thats, disappointing

Letting the dude with out of the country connections go

but i havent checked akun in a bit, maybe the rolls?
4/9 c18 0vrLrd71
This is hilarious and adorableeven if they never date fr, they'll definitely be best riends that shit talk
4/9 c17 0vrLrd71
Wow, he got scammed on the price per sessions

he could make thousands more for those
4/3 c34 Guest
my guy should atleast target their spines if he wants to cripple people

just paralize them from the neck down


whooooo the fuck thought storing othala and kaiser in the same fuckin transport was a good idea?

thats literally like skyrim jails where all your gear is in an easy to reach chest

like storing an addict next to confiscated cocain


since its kaiser the adict is snowflame and you just put him in a room with bag full of cocain thats the source of his powers

and with weak ass sedatives too?


im suprised armsmaster havent made coma tranqs
4/4 c34 D3Diton
im with the dude below me on this version of sabah, anything happens to her and heads pop like balloons regardless of the consequences that it might look like an endbringer came to town with one goal in mind.
4/2 c34 Guest
Yeah, any of these inbreds get a lucky shot on Sabah and they're getting pulled inside out ass first, and that's without Victini halping.
4/3 c34 Blaze1992

Also have a funny feeling is that soft sell is not going to work out.
4/2 c34 Crainium9
Cant alucarios punch shatter boulders(in anime) why so much struggle against metal?
4/2 c1 tinman543
i want to say that the idea you have no control cause it is a quest is a lie. you as the author has complete control cause you can decide not to do what the readers want. so stop lying
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