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6/5 c3 Eimillian
Guide to Litwick’s line. Minimize, Will o Wisp, Hex, Then either Curse or a special attacking fire move. Curse still effects normal types, and would be deadly in real life. Will o wisp to lower attack and set burn, hex for giga damage once burning, and minimize because evasion chance is stronk
6/2 c18 A Guest
I hope he doesn't get downgraded forever.

On the other hand, "choose fire and ground less frequently or draw 25", "community proceeds to draw 100"
6/2 c18 Guest
love it
6/3 c18 TehStorm
Awesome chapter! Do you have the MC's pairing already planned? Really hope Amy will be it...
6/3 c18 Aren Gisly
HAHAHA Thanks for the chapter!
6/3 c18 1Palletking2001
Noice chapter.. So, completed all the chapters in a single binge read... Lol
Please don't nerf him now.
6/3 c17 Palletking2001
Eevee cuteness overload...
6/3 c18 slowdownV2
great story!
6/3 c12 Palletking2001
Good... About time we say.
6/3 c9 Palletking2001
So, Tattletale not looking to escape Coil?
6/3 c8 Palletking2001
MC becoming a mentor, noice.
6/3 c7 Palletking2001
Wow... I read all the chapters non stop... and such a fascinating read with more to come... Thank you for such a good job...
6/2 c18 Immortal Potatoe
6/2 c18 Blaze1992
Damn Amy must have hell of an arm or was she right beside him to hit him with the can?
6/2 c18 SirLaze
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