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for God? Devil? Fuck that, I'm gonna be a bunny

5h c3 GrassTypeSwag
Choked a little at seeing contessa there…thought it was game over hahahah
6/5 c7 GoldStar77
You know since Luca is now a rabbit then I wonder how long it would take for him to remember that they are very horny in nature? Unless of course that trait didn't transfer over.
6/2 c8 20thepkrmgc
This has been a delight to read, I look forward to seeing where it goes!
6/1 c5 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
Part of me is wondering if Tianyu isn’t going to accidentally unleash Gourmet Cells from Toriko on the world. He’s arguably got at the very least most of the skill/power set needed to create them, especially if he keeps using his alchemy on his food, the idea he could accidentally create one or two, or some sort of proto-version of them, someone eats something with that in it (and assuming the latter case those Porto-Cells eventually come into contact with the right circumstances which cause them to further mutate) and they start propagating throughout the ecosystem seems like it could be kinda funny. I mean the potential for cool fights it could create might just make Luo think it’s a wedding gift. Also might further strip Vought of their monopoly on creating Supers and those guys are pricks, so that’d be fun.
6/1 c4 thepkrmgc
huh, the fact that you can turn the havoc that is a D&D game into something resembling a coherent story is impressive in its own right.
6/1 c3 thepkrmgc
I particularly like how you handle the crossover elements, very seamlessly implemented.
5/31 c8 adam110902
amazing story
5/31 c8 RattailBoy
Just binged this, and is hilarious and brilliant. May your muse continue to inspire you to write more of this.
5/22 c4 Hector Gonzalez
Muaajajjajajajajajjaja El capitulo estuvo fantastico. Sinceramente los dioses que usaste me sorprendieron muchisimo.

Se nota que esta historia tiene un gran potencial, no lo comente en capitulos anteriores, pero es fascinante el trabajo que has hecho!
5/15 c2 Hector Gonzalez
Buenisimo, me encanto este capitulo. Buen trabajo!

Tambien me gusto la introduccion de "The Boys", no me lo esperaba del todo. Y el trasfondo que le diste esta muy bien hecho
5/14 c1 Hector Gonzalez
Ok, debo decir que estoy complacido con el capitulo 1. Al fin alguien saca una historia de campione nueva.
Sinceramente el tema de la diosa asesinada por un aguacate me saca de onda. Pero por las circunstancias, y lo divertido que fue leerlo, lo dejare pasar.

Espero ver futuras actualizaciones de esta historia, y estare leyendo los siguientes capitulos que has publicado hasta ahora, pero de momento, vas muy bien, la historia es entretenida. Saludos!
5/1 c1 Loppiz
Although the sentiment has already been shared, I agree that this campione fic is one of the best, if not the best. I enjoyed your writing with the mc’s quirk and his rabbit alongside Luo Hao’s characterisation and dialogue. With that, thanks and I look forward for the next update!
4/28 c8 Hiram Covarrubias
I love this story, I hope it continues!
4/22 c1 1Lovegood Loves Good
Why you no update the bunny?
4/12 c8 Guest
Easily the best campione fic i’ve ever read, thanks for writing and sharing it with us.
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