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for God? Devil? I'm gonna be a bunny

3/21 c8 Orchardk
I may have read this all in one sitting and started giggling out loud in the middle if the night.

I’m enjoying the world building even if I’ve not seen all the stuff referenced. But it’s been fun and light hearted and strangely informative on cooking journey for me so far. Thanks for your hard writing and imagination!
3/20 c8 DiscereEstVivete
Got to admit, it took an embarrassingly long time for me to connect that Fortuna Herbert is supposed to be Fortuna from Worm. This story is turning up to be quite the kitchen sink of x-overs, looking forward to finding more. Great story, waiting for update!
3/18 c8 Rude Guest
Awww.. this chapter ended a bit too soon, though I'll admit that ending on a transition is fitting, I just wanted more. Feed my insatiable greed! (And thank you for your writing)
3/18 c8 Guest
this is great and now I'm sad I have to wait for a update but I'll wait like the patient person I am
3/19 c8 Heero05
3/19 c8 Mothron
Thanks for the chapter, interesting as always. The only thing that confused me was the superhero storyline, probably it should be important, but I'm not at all interested in another tragic backstory, there are too many tragedies in the world and focusing on one of them is hypocritical. I hope you will not delve into this and the main character will trample everyone as soon as possible, as far as I understand, the heroes are pathetically weak compared to the godslayers. I really like the dynamics of relations with Lo Hao, I also want to see the development of the main character as a fighter and godslayer in addition to the cook. One more thing, I hope you don't make the assistant a deicide. Pandora pays attention to the justice of the murder, so the support from the protagonist's alchemy will not help, otherwise why are there so few godslayers, are everyone around fools? I think not. I hope you don't sully this impossible feat with the elevation of just anyone. Besides, what will you do with the original protagonist of the story? The butterfly effect shouldn't be too big at the moment, so it wouldn't make sense for it to just disappear. If you don't like him, then there is a smart way to get rid of him, let the protagonist kill the heretic god in his wanderings, who was killed by the original protagonist in the original story, because of this he will not receive the authority that would otherwise save his life and will die in battle.
3/19 c2 Heero05
Luo Hao is so wholesome:)
3/18 c8 wstiglet
This is easily my favorite story of yours. I find myself laughing out loud every chapter. It's honestly a lovely story. Definitely keep up the good work. Oh and also your Pokémon and Worm story too!
3/18 c8 T4ndoris
Easily my second fav story of your beyond Plan?what plan?
Thx for the chapter s always
3/18 c8 Han-Daewi
3/16 c7 RatherFu
3/12 c7 avid11read11er
Great chapter!
3/11 c1 4Omnisaurus
I cackled like a hyena on laughing gas at the Jade Rabbit’s death scene. This story is already off to a great start.
3/11 c7 Terracotta Tortilla
Great chapter. Greenland shark wizards is a story I would definitely read.
3/11 c7 Crainium9
Aren’t those the sharks that circulate pee as antifreeze
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