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for God? Devil? I'm gonna be a bunny

3/11 c7 Jack1nTheBox
hehehe, this is pretty funny, did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did.
3/11 c7 flip flip2 electric bogaloo
this iS good please keep it up
3/5 c6 Guest
let the bunny drive he'll hit the innocent bystanders and it will be hilarious
3/7 c5 2Kail Blade
Can't believe it took this long to mention the MC is a dwarf. At 5 ft he'd have to look up at everyone, haha.
3/6 c1 Han-Daewi
3/4 c6 12Guardian Craze
Thanks for the chapter!

Every chapter so far has made me crave eating something new, lol.
3/4 c6 Terracotta Tortilla
Great chapter. Also, that married goddess with the name I can't spell is completely right. Depending on the story, Campiones do end up acting like tyrants and do all those things she mentioned, especially the demand for bed warming. Some authors are incredibly horny.
3/3 c5 Mothron
I read it all in one gulp. Although the hero was crowned by accident, I liked that he does not take the respect of others and all the benefits they provide for granted. Whoever wears the crown must bear its weight.
3/2 c5 Dayside
I wish he was more assertive and had more opinions. He's just so go with the flow that it makes him seem weak.
2/25 c5 Guest
well now looks like crazy food bitch is going to try campione
2/25 c5 KRPrime
Cute Chapter
2/25 c5 SilentCreep
Hmmm is that a flag I see being raise? I'm sure nothing would come of I'mma right .
2/25 c5 flip flip2 electric bogaloo
I love the food wars reference and I hope he gives more people foodgasm
2/25 c5 Terracotta Tortilla
Great chapter. The people in these reviews are gonna be panting like they're in heat now that you've teased that women are going to be disappointed that he's married, they're gonna want the harem route.
2/23 c4 Terracotta Tortilla
This story is fucking great.
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