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for God? Devil? I'm gonna be a bunny

2/15 c3 Rodvek97
Thanks for the chapter!
2/15 c3 16Umodin
I have been having so much fun with this story that’s it’s hard to even voice appropriately. First, the campione part. The way you’ve melded that ‘verse is fantastic. I used to love campione and seeing the lack of creators invested with it on FF always disappointed me. This has quickly become my favorite story within the whole field. And with you adding The Boys and what seems to be X-men to the mix too? Oh, I’m so stoked for whatever you have planned next!
2/15 c3 Ranmaleopard
As always this is just really interesting and I can't wait for more. Keep it up!
2/13 c2 Iskallos
Okay, yeah, I didn't expect The Boys but that's pretty cool. At the same time, the idea that Billy Butcher becomin Campione is kinda terrifying. I wonder what happens if a Campione takes compound V, it probably just wouldn't work though.

Thanks for the chapters, I'm looking to forward to more.
2/13 c1 Iskallos
Oh damn, I didn't expect a Campione story from you. So far, so good, I'm interested in the heroes you mentioned, I imagine that's part of the x-overs rather than just John Pluto Smith.
2/12 c2 D. Nomen
Like it
2/9 c2 Guest
um Homelander is royalty fucked isn't he
2/8 c2 Rob
Great story I am really enjoying reading it
2/6 c1 Guest
this is great love the saoa commits/reference
2/8 c2 M2R
so the boys too?
2/8 c2 Insidiuos-Animus
I hope he continues training especially now that hes in the world of the boys its amazing what 1 week of training did for him also does this mean he could soon out run the a train
2/8 c2 alaskan-dracolych
Dude, thought this was crack, still kinda cracky, but damn, the... the everything you throw into this... This is the style of writing that would get people to shell out for a manga about tennis or golf, and eagerly look forward to the next chapter. Well done!
2/8 c2 kasukager
Thanks for the chapter. While I didn't get the reaction I hoped for, I am looking forward to the States chap.
2/8 c2 Ranmaleopard
My god this is just really awesome and I can't wait to see what happens next!
2/8 c1 B127
This is hallarious and great. I will be looking foward to more.
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