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for How to Swim Like a Fish in a Desert

6/22/2023 c1 I3Tech
Hi, I was formerly Tech simp, Sooooo...
Yeah, fun to hurt them.
6/11/2023 c1 Tech simp
I love it! How come it's so much fun to hurt Tech. Weird. But yes, very enjoyable!
6/9/2023 c1 Tech simp
I wish Tech didn't die!
If Dave Filoni doesn't bring him back, I swear I'm gonna find his location...
3/12/2023 c1 GreyHaru
Loved it!
2/8/2023 c1 Ghost loves japan 77
Very good read, I found you got tech and omegas characters perfect. I really enjoyed reading this! Especially seeing techs more soft side

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