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for Worm: Summoning Undead is Heroic, Right?

3/14/2023 c1 kihyftyfgjklhhfdyuil
YO i too had thought about an overlord crossover with worm and was always disappointed that all the other fics had taylor be in overlord and not ainz in worm and I hope you continue this fic as it seems really good and don't be afraid to take a rest from time to time there may be haters in the reviews and my advice is to ignore them and delete their reviews as their probably losers with no life good luck bro also would you be intrested in doing a crossover between hazbin hotel helleuva boss and overlord the plot is that ainz got teleported to hell in one of the circles ainz finding out where he is him using his powers to build reputation dancing with politics people reaction effects on people the news effects also on heaven the yearly purge the other overlords and respect and fear he gets while internally not knowing what to do yet to everyone else he appears as a genuis
3/14/2023 c9 Overlord666
Oye Taylor no uso muchos hechizos? Esta un poco roto me gustaría que aún practicara su poder en vez de depender de ainz combinado ambas cosas magia y insectos
3/13/2023 c9 max111000
Hi, fun chapter. The flow of the battle with favorable opening, getting overwelmed and at the end finding the solution and crusing the enemy felt rigth and well executed. I would recomend you not ending it on a explanation what was gona happen, I would much preffer and ambigious ending where Ainz disapears to somewhere like prepering for a time skip. I totaly understand you losing motivation and I respect you decision even if its kind of a shame it wont continue. I hope you will find something you enjoy doing. Take care!
3/12/2023 c9 Dremer1999
Это печально.
3/9/2023 c8 3Ikasuki
I find your use of cliche « he didn’t feel right so of course he found out he was attacked cause reason » and « Taylor forgot to be smart despite being trained because reason » to be reaaaaly lazy tropes.
Get better as an author give a better story don’t fall for easy and cheap solutions.
3/8/2023 c8 max111000
Hi, fun story, i am comming from overlord and its a first in worm univers. I am loving the cofusion Taylor has with Ainz's motivation. How she was swaping back and forth when he proposed to kill everyone at school. As for the issue you are having with Ainz's power and motivation I would recomend not diving too deep into that, I as a reader am perfectly satisfied with the suspencion of disbelief including Ainz helps Taylor. Remember to have fun writing and I wish you all the best!
3/7/2023 c2 8Flen99
Ainz is an intellectual. He wouldn’t use the internet, see some details about a famous hero, and then think “this is definitely all of the possible information about this person, shaking my head, I could easily kill them, lmao, noobs, easy rips, no dif…” like, I’m questioning your familiarity with Overlord. He isn’t mega brained, but he also isn’t some dumb teen.
3/6/2023 c8 Hansatori
You could make ainz larp as warrior to hide hes strenght and help taylor around and only get serius when shit hits the fan
Thanks for the chapter
3/5/2023 c8 3maskedkeeper
I get what you mean though

ainz won't just randomly struggle with lung out of nowhere.
nor will purity turn out to be the perfect counter to ainz, where he won't just grasp her heart for some strange reason and struggle with her holy light attacks. Ainz's whole point is he op from episode one, not a character who struggles in every fight then wins on the last second.
no ainz will be like he was in the new world, only thing I'll figure out is if endbringer should be world bosses, level 100 monsters:(albedos level), or just something around 80.
3/5/2023 c8 maskedkeeper
No nerfing will happen
I meant more that someone could write a weaker ainz or just ainz is weaker than compared to how he was in the. new world, so that both character can grown together. Sadly I wouldn't even know how to write character development and I wouldn't just change ainz at his point anyways.

I'm look into keeping him paranoid like missvalteria mentioned, it's sorta why he won't be going all out from the beginning. Maybe transition to ainz using his items skill and magic to improve the city. Then finally leviathan shows up and something happens, no idea if all just speed runs the end like some fics do after this
3/5/2023 c8 jlnorris75
here comes the nerfing always hate when authors do this
3/5/2023 c2 9Lord Metallex
Keno's route Seems more fun and interesting.
3/5/2023 c8 12MissValteria
Loved the chapter. As for your dilema, perhaps making use of Ain'z player paranoia will allow you to keep him out of the spotlight and keep him strong?
3/2/2023 c7 evymel
he should totally adapt the persona of a gamer fanatic on the field, play it up, if he was a villian... say parahumans are players while others are npc. fake being a teenager CHANGER going to do pvp with villians, PHO will go crazy, the s9 would love that and nobody would know what to think, I'm waiting for the PRT reaction chapter after they learn they have a flying living skeleton mage
3/2/2023 c6 evymel
use super tier wish spell to steal a talent is said to be possible, so can ainz aquire a shard? parahuman ability? or summon the stuff from the guild? world items?
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