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for Worm: Summoning Undead is Heroic, Right?

3/2/2023 c3 evymel
oh god, he should play up on the video game , first of all Uber and leet, second the protectorate will think he is like the parahumans that believe in magic and are half crazy unstable,
thirdly... the fun route, S9! each member got it's thing and ainz farming exp and enjoying pvp is exactly Jack slash thing, all civies are NPC, parahumans are players
3/2/2023 c2 evymel
I mean... ainz is paranoid, as you said, no guild, no insurance for revival, the patent nazarick answer of questionable morality would be to freeze/stasis Taylor, even get her to jail and wipe her memory, so she is stuck and watched, while not being aware she's a parahuman but nobody's gets to be cruel to Taylor. so I guess kind of independent where she is safe and not risking herself because ainz is smart and not letting the noob kill him by association
3/2/2023 c1 evymel
is the guild stuff with him?
3/1/2023 c7 Spacemonkey777
It must be terrifying for Simurgh to see 100% ANYTHING. 100% chance of a counterattack if she tries anything in Brockton Bay. 100% chance of a counterattack hitting her. 100% chance of not seeing how or from where it came. 100% chance she won't be able to scry the enemy. Ainz is from a game that dabbles quite a lot in absolutes.
3/1/2023 c4 Spacemonkey777
Simurgh getting hit with a [Nuclear Blast] is hilarious! Wait! Isn't her clairvoyance passive? Shouldn't she be getting blasted over and over?
3/1/2023 c2 Spacemonkey777
Ainz is literally THE worst counter to Lung. Lung specialized is prolonged battles. Ainz area of mastery is 'instant death' magic. A single silent [True Death] will kill him before he even knows he is attacked!
3/1/2023 c1 Spacemonkey777
Quite an interesting story so far. TGOALID should theoretically kill the 'concept' of life in an Endbringer should it come to the fight. Even Alexandria will die to the likes of [True Death] although I can definitely see her tanking [Grasp Heart] with no problem. Eidolon should be baffled by someone who has seemingly more skills than him. Alas likes of [Nuclear Blast] should put Legend to shame, but I digress. Ainz's greatest power is his Divine Level ring which nullifies any and all clairvoyance into him. Meaning he is nonexistence to the likes of Fortuna.
2/27/2023 c7 Guest
Great chapter can't wait for the next one
2/28/2023 c7 6Etsize
Wow, she grew strong, stronger than Gazef.
2/26/2023 c7 Guest
"Where is the magic, the great explosions, anything would be better than this"

No, Taylor, if Ainz is involved you generally don't want great explosions near you.
2/28/2023 c7 adnanluthfi.belphegor
Nice story, an editor or a proofreader might be better
2/28/2023 c7 3Shirosaki345
I always find it fun to read a story about ainz without nazarik
2/27/2023 c3 2Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Line breaks are great for change of pov. Otherwise it's no good
2/27/2023 c7 1biznag
Thanks for the chapter looking forward to more :)
2/27/2023 c7 Overlord666
WOW ahora que se un poco más de worm entiendo que ainz está desbloqueado
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