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for Worm: Summoning Undead is Heroic, Right?

2/27/2023 c7 1Dean Hunter
really love how you portrait the conversation between Ainz and Panacea, though... its just a bit hard to see who's saying what. Other than that, when Ainz noticed Pancea's look(tm) I got a big ass grin on my face, never crossed my mind that the two would be so similar in that regard.
2/25/2023 c2 DoubleD
Yo yo yo, lots of stuff that are off, there are parts where certain words are used incorrectly. Tier and Teat for example. I suppose you have a minor issue with some autocorrect, but I hope you can iron those ones out.
Secondly, there are some capitalization errors. Certain names are in lowercase, oddly words here and there in the uppercase, but easily remedied as well with a bit of beta reading. OVerall, I see good talent to this
2/20/2023 c6 Guest
I like your story, but I wish you'd post a first version on BS taking advantage of all the worm-fans correcting whatever lore-mistakes. I see you got rid of problems with precogs, but you will still have to handle coil, he's immune to ainz' anti-divination measures since he doesn't divine but rather lives through an alternate reality...

as for Overlord lore, I hope you are aware that ainz wearing 10 rings is the result of a paid feature, he even cannot change which 10 rings he is wearing, it's either 1 ring per hand or some subset of what he's wearing. also you describe him as specialized on necromancy, which is not true, his specialization is on instant-death! beyond that specialization he favours spells which are useless in fights, he's bad at dealing damage, but he can do a lot of small things, like this mind-altering, even fixing small broken items. necromancy is one of his abilities, mainly due to his race, but his summons also include angels!

the direction I'd like this story to go is something alike to the sidestory of a what-if ainz being present when evil-eye got her vampire state, and she basically wandered the world with him being heroes for hire, building up a large group like in his old days. here the author made clear that ainz becoming evil is mostly due to other npc dragging him down and less from his low karma values. in your story you made ainz into a demiurge who subconsciously hides the evil deeds from his boss. the fear ainz felt for explaining his real origins was because of how powerful the npc were and fear how they'd react when learning they're characters in a game.

finally, I am not happy with your explanation of how it all happened at the beginning, I really hope this is just reflecting what the characters know and not the reality of their situation. point is, if there is no connection to either QA or ainz, Taylor is not a parahuman! originally she double-triggered in that locker, so she basically got 2 abilities: Administrator for processing and perceiving all these insects like a thinker, and Queen for controlling them limb for limb. so while I can see how ainz took away one of these 2 slots, shouldn't she have a 2nd ability due to how severe her trigger was?

I at least expect her to control swarms of undead in the multitasking ways she did with her bugs. as this is not an ability but merely a stat-raise it wouldn't show up for ainz' spell. but eventually he'll inspect her stats. I really hope you are not going in the direction of ainz being her "shard" with a constant mental connection and planet-sized limitation for distance between them. ainz is just a world-spell going awry! world-spells have no limitations except of other world-spells and world-items! he is magically connected to her brain, not mentally the way shards are!
2/21/2023 c6 1InHumanMan
I like the way this story is coming along. keep up the good work and thanks for the chapter.
2/19/2023 c6 1EddEinfach
I like this.
In my opinion Ainz makes for a great Mentor/Guardian figure, but few fics do that.
My understanding of Taylors power is:
-She keeps Ainz in this world
-She can tap into his mana (does she have any herself?)
This is actually pretty good considering some Yggdrasil items like the 'Necklace of Heavy Recover' use mana instead of charges per day. So her 'personal combat ability' is fine.
Hoping to read more.
2/19/2023 c5 Saif Omar
A very interesting story. Will be looking forward to more. This is a small nitpick but The Locker Incident happened on January 4th. Some use 3rd of 5th but it's rare.
2/17/2023 c5 Guest
Great chapter this is getting realy good
2/17/2023 c1 E
I like the premise, but the execution is subpar. An abundance of punctuation errors and plenty of grammatical as well. Not unreadable, but not particularly pleasent to read either.
I'm out.
2/16/2023 c5 Some ideas
Some ideas for the time skip:
- Ainz could use "wish upon a star" to grand Taylor access to the leveling system from Yggdrasil, and power level her with his summons
- Giving her weapons and armor are the obvious choice, as this would require the least effort, and there would be no real downside to that
- Not sure what is the proper path to power in this world, but Ainz could investigate it and apply it to Taylor as well. If that would require some game mechanic (kill number of something, repeat something number of times), he could buff her to speed up the process
- If he has "Awareness and generosity" he could transfer some exp. to her as well.
2/16/2023 c4 Guest
Great chapter i'm realy enjoying this story
2/17/2023 c5 JanessaVR
Actually, she *hasn't* gotten one over on Winslow. All she did was block one of their attempts to get another one over on *her*. She can't win playing defense. Taylor, just stop going back. Get your GED online at home. If Danny doesn't like it, tell him to go pound sand. Hell, just have Ainz master him into compliance - that can only be an improvement.
2/17/2023 c5 Paimon777
If that was me I'll probably have them all killed .. stupid Principal deserves to die
2/17/2023 c5 Miner49ner
I see that you plan on giving her a staff and a summon but I want to ask. Are you planning on just making her a mini-Ainz? Having her summons misunderstand her words and all that. I don’t really know anything about Worm so I don’t know what kinda magic would be right for Taylor. Either elemental, death/holy and so on. Either that or just kit her out in magic items Ainz had laying around. Magic boots, gloves, some sunglasses. Idk just wondering what her capabilities gonna be.
2/17/2023 c5 2Master Of The Judgment Nut End
Silly child the supreme being has all dancing in the palm of his hand
2/17/2023 c5 opus fecker
Great chapter!
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