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for Worm: Summoning Undead is Heroic, Right?

2/11/2023 c2 bimboom
Keno's route
2/9/2023 c1 Guest
Try for help.
2/11/2023 c1 1InHumanMan
Aside from grammar, spelling, and sentence structure this was pretty entertaining. I use the audio feature when grammar is bad so it's only half noticeable for me but for readers it would hurt the eyes just looking at it. I prefer Ainz taking the Kino route since it makes more sense but at the same time not following ever whim of a emotionally destrought teenage. if you can find some middle ground between Ainz following Taylor and Taylor following Ainz I think the story would be much better.
2/11/2023 c2 1Draco0905
damn it. didn't mean to hit post on that yet. okay, let's try again.
if he can convince taylor to act as his sidekick, so to speak, as he gas alot of experience, he could be the main person people would look at as a team leader. this would give her a bit of breathing room for most but it would also mean that they may try for her to get to him. this seems more along the current mindsets they both have. he could kit her out with some stuff and let her patrol or whatever but with him always a simple teleportation away to help. also she would be forced to talk to him before engaging in hero work.
now he could convince her father that as her power, he would need to be around and as he now has some basic grounding in the hero/villians politics that since she doesn't want to be a ward and she still needs a team he could help there thus forcing her hand a bit.
ut also makes it where he has control of his situation a bit as well as she does. instead of just running separate and hoping she doesn't die killing him too.
it places her on a team. he can run his life in the background as an adviser for the most part ir take an active role as an adult. in certain he could easily find Sophia using her powers and find out her status. especially if he starts digging into why she was in the lovker and checking people stats.
he can also start experimenting or teaching basic magic to his new summoner. thus giving her something to focus on thats not running out looking for lung and giving her some verities of combat potential instead of playing Pokemon and and saying i choose you ainz ool gown for every battle as she does not seem to have any other parahuman powers.
okay that part done there's one thing you've kinda been annoying me with.
yea, that sounds like yay, means yes in an old way for teenagers. don't know of anyone outside of royals or a courthouse that use it anymore and i think you actually have been meaning to say yeah besides.
2/11/2023 c2 Draco0905
okay. so your leaning towards an independent route. that's not bad but as paranoid as momonga is, he would almost constantly be checking up on her and making it not as independent. but if he could
2/11/2023 c1 1biznag
interesting start looking forward to more and thanks for the chapter
2/11/2023 c1 opus fecker
Great start!
2/10/2023 c1 Draco0905
new? oh my. this could be really good. or really bad. now what would a max lvl character from a MMORPG that placed a significant amount of emphasis on player vs player DEATH MATCHES do? does he have access to his tomb? my oh my. this has so many variables that could go oh so well in this world. endbringers are just your average raid boss. raid bosses that he could solo in the game. hmm. he he hehehahahahahahahahahahaa. yes. show me more.
2/10/2023 c1 MaxTerror16335
interesting I will come back later I like where the plot goes
2/10/2023 c1 Dremer1999
I'm not familiar with the "worm" but since the Overlord and Ainz are here, it will be interesting.
2/9/2023 c1 dtutu134
this would be great if he doesn't reveal his orgin as suzuki satoru. I just want to see him introduce himself as badass ainz oaal gown, scaring the parahumans. if possible, teach low level magic as well.
2/9/2023 c1 JanessaVR
Well, I'm sure she's glad to be out of the locker, but she's going to *freak* when she finds an animated skeleton standing over her.
2/9/2023 c1 3maskedkeeper
I'll go over it in a day or two to fix mistakes.
Posted it just to motivate myself to finish it
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