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10/4/2023 c1 Cool Guest
I was rereading parts of the main story, and found that Biothaumaturgy has actually already been briefly mentioned by Snape when reviewing the Canary Creams the twins created. (Also I made many grammatical errors in my last review, that's embarrassing welp)

It's amazing how even after all this time I keep finding more foreshadowing I missed the first time through. It makes it worthwhile to reread the story just to appreciate the meaning of things that one can only fully grasp when having the benefit of hindsight.
9/26/2023 c1 AuntCori
I love this!
5/25/2023 c1 Cool Guest
First I was astonished at how few reviews this had after been published this long, but it kinda makes sense in hindsight. To new readers it's a piece that at the very least would be enjoyed better after diving into the main story while regular readers were told it was optional reading.

I can appreciate why The Sinister Man choose to post it separately. It's not critical information to understand the main story, and even if it was, when presenting all of it at once without spreading it out it's bound to feel like an information dump to any reader who doesn't find it entertaining; and if it wasn't labeled as optional people would get impatient to get through it so that they can get back to seeing the main story moving.

So it's good that the author knows how to filter and isolate information to minimize how much that's an issue. Without holding himself back from writing whatever comes to mind.

I'm pretty sure that in this site this kind of chapter would be read more if it was posted as bonus chapter within the main story just because in that case people would need to deliberately choose to skip it, oppose to now where people need to deliberately choose to find and read it.

I recommend to take out the last part of the author note ",they might seem pointless otherwise" I feel it makes this sound like it's worth less than it does and might discourage others from attempting to read this.

I believe this to have entertaining value on it's own right and to be an excellent source escapism.
Any general Harry Potter fan might appreciate world building like this and through the complex details I found myself fully immersed.
It was just what I needed to forget my worries for tomorrow at the end of the day and get a good night of sleep so that I could better tackle those worries in the morning.

Now, the content itself left many questions open:

Roman Origins:
1-By what process can wizards intrinsically tie their magic with Ley lines and what exactly does it mean to do that? What are the limits and powers that come from doing so?
2-Are the Ancient Houses still tied to the Ley lines of Rome by blood? If not why not? Did the connection decay naturally? Were the lines open for the taking without their intervention?

In the shadow of Constantinople
Note: This part made it sound like all the 29 noble Houses came with William the Conqueror, but forgive me if I'm incorrect, I believe the main story had the seventeen Ancient families joined by twelve others and that's how the 17 became Ancient noble houses, rather than have 29 houses join 17 for a total of 46 original houses in the Wizengamot.

3-How exactly did the Bulgarians regret the practice of murdering muggle born's parents and then memory charm the infants for education?
4-How do modern practices differ today? The Balkan Alliance still practices the Slytherin solution but this implies the way they do it is a bit different and hopefully less controversial now. The devil is in the details tho...

Other schools:
The nature of weather magic, Biothaumaturgy, and dragon slaving magic in the price of Slytherin universe is yet to be touched at all.
The nature of the escape of the weather magic professor been unknown implies that some aspects of that field of magic have probably been occluded by something like a fidelius.

The Black Khan
(Wow, this character sounds far more fearsome than canon Voldemort.)
5-How did he die in the end?
6-How did he stay alive for so long? Did it have something to do with the Philosopher stone?
7-What caused him to end his Siege of Vienna in 1241?
8-How did he cast a spell so powerful in Adan 1266 it can be compared to a nuclear bomb?

The Founders of Durmstrang
9-What are the magical implications of names and is there a secret method to abuse them that's not commonly known in the modern age? Is that the real reason why Tom Riddle saw necessary to hid his birth name under a fidelius?

10-What was the story behind his escape from the Black Khan?
The implication that his brother Velinas played a role in the mysterious escape from Scholomance suggest that the hidden method might not have something to do with weather magic.

11-How was he able to transform into a Dragon and does this imply there might be a way to bypass the mutual exclusive nature of Animagi and Metamophmagus?

The Zoriya sisters

It seems Durmstrang can just move from one foundation stone to another in ten different locations.
12-How does that work? Does it just teleport with a "puff" or does it fly like Laputa under a disillusionment charm?

Note: It says "the school's 800 year history" but the dates put the founding no earlier than 1296, around 688 years before the date of this fictional publication.

Taltos Kampo
13- Does regular bathing really lowers magical strength and is that why he lived longer than any of the other founders besides maybe Baba Jaga?
Sounds like the kind of truth that might be for the best that it's occluded from the world...

I can see chapters like this coming out more frequently once Dolores Umbridge becomes more prominent, history is her specialty in this fanfiction after all. Hints for the outstanding manipulation of historic records have been scattered throughout the story, such as the Banning of the old editions of Hogwarts a History and secret agenda of professor Binns.

I can only imagine how many layers are occluding true events and their nature by various methods of magical and political censorship stacked upon each other.

I bet The Sinister Man has being collecting notes on ideas for world building like this in preparation for fifth year, where I anticipate we will learn just how little we really know about the world in the prince of Slytherin. Once Harry Potter begins to investigate and question wizard history we will start to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
3/9/2023 c1 Guest
this is realy interesting! i can't wait to see what else you come with with this amazing world you have built (using the foundations set by JK rowling of course)
2/28/2023 c1 FIREXSTREAK
That was really fascinating. I can't wait for Beauxbatons nd the other magical schools history to be explored
2/12/2023 c1 2Tango777
Great supplement to the story and not really spoilery as well. Loved the details on the Eastern side of Europe along with Anatolia. I wonder though, how did Communism react to Magical Society considering it was such a strong movement and its very les likely that the muggleborns wouldn't have heard of such a revolution.
2/12/2023 c1 Kalstorm99
2/11/2023 c1 26Freelook
2/11/2023 c1 18BlueWater5
I like how the houses do not have a direct correlation to the the Hogwarts houses but rather combine characteristics.
2/11/2023 c1 ibrushmyteethwithgasoline
thank you for putting all this together, it's really interesting and your concepts always amaze me

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