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for Harry Potter and the Enforced Holiday

3/8 c6 Calebros
I really would like to know what anyone was drinking, smoking or consuming that makes them think this chapter (or any other) is any good.
3/8 c4 Calebros
"You had a lucky escape. How did I die?"
"You and your bother and wives died of Dragon Pox. I suspect foul play."
"As the family which invented the cure for Dragon Pox, I think foul play is the correct call. Who killed us?"
"Severus Tobias Snape on the orders of Albus Dumbledore. He claimed it was for the greater good. I nearly removed him from his headmaster's portrait."

Have you actually bothered to read this part?
"I thought you and Ron," Harry said lamely
Isn't Ron already dead with Harry killing him?
Or that Hermione's sibling was a boy and not a girl and Harry knows this? So do you just have a really bad memory or this is not their reality and Harry is still has a really bad memory.
2/17 c6 ak
bonne fic!
2/1 c6 Armiture
I did not expect the time-raveling but I really liked how proactive this Harry Potter turned out to be.

Thanks for sharing this tale with us.
1/31 c1 Armiture
An interesting AU and crossover, I'll be reading the rest of it.
1/24 c1 quillestra
1/24 c1 quillestra
poo m

...,I 2
1/14 c1 redeyehawk23
At some point this chapter changes into pure chaos
1/13 c6 wolfpackgigglesback
1/3 c6 HoneyBear84
Love it
12/21/2023 c6 12stealacandy
Okay, unless I'm missing some context, or have forgotten some crucial details if this story, then this chapter makes no sense?
12/21/2023 c6 Andrew Lee Houghton
what happend this is all over the place
12/21/2023 c6 herart
certainly an interesting and unconventional story.. worth reading, to me.
10/20/2023 c5 EP
10/20/2023 c5 starboy454
Excellent update
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