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for Not Pretending

5/23 c1 Guest
Good story. God bless you.
2/20 c1 Guest
Awesome story! Much better than the version we saw on tv!
2/21 c1 4heather4cu
This was funny. You don't hold back! But thanks for a happy ending for Nathan and Elziabeth.
2/18 c1 Maddie0507
I can't say I feel sorry for Lucas' tragic demise, it was his own fault. That's what happens when you think you can manipulate everyone to do what you want. He was practically attacking Elizabeth. It was Elizabeth I felt sorry for. The poor woman was shaken. Of course she didn't expect Lucas to die so tragically and suddenly in front of her (well behind her).

I like that Nathan and Bill had the same thought about hauling Lucas' body to the woods and let the animals scavenge it. Love Nathan's reply “I've sworn to protect and serve, to uphold the right”. He's an honorable mountie through and through.

So glad Elizabeth's heart eventually opened up to Nathan and they got married, yay. Bill had wanted to buy that Saloon in S6, now he's finally got it. And the town has a new library, brilliant! Thank you for sharing your lovely story.
2/15 c1 10FnficJunkie
No means no. This is truer canon to Lucas’s character than anything they wrote for s9. I’m sure that it’s incredibly hard for Elizabeth witnessing an accidental death, but the man had it coming. Sounds like self-defense and with a guy like that who thinks he knows better than the woman he’s trying to court…who knows what he would have done to her had she not escaped his grasp. Death by candles is oddly poetic. It’s amazing he didn’t burn down the library with his body inside.

It’s telling that she waited for Nathan and trusted him. I’m glad that both Nathan and Bill were there for her when she needed them most.
2/14 c1 8Missela
Yikes. It may not end well when you don't listen to a woman and try to force her to do what you want. No is no. We all know that Lucas likes to make his own destiny. Make things happen. When you aren't considerate of the other person, though, that's not good.

I'm glad that Nathan and Elizabeth were honest and went to Bill.

I'm also glad there was a HEA for Elizabeth and Nathan, and the whole town got a different library.
2/14 c1 3BeccaKay64
The manipulations always bothered me. Nothing the least romantic about them! We always hear how 'patient' Lucas was. Ha! Patient in his manipulation of Elizabeth, maybe. At least in FanFic, bad behavior doesn't have to pay off! Thanks!
2/14 c1 SaSeLi777
I loved it! Truly hated the manipulation that Lucas had perfected. The only thing that ticked me off more was E succumbing to it! What a rotten lesson for young women: Don’t require or expect respect.

I loved how Nathan and Bill saw the possibilities in doing the wrong thing… but still did the right thing. So human!

Loved this, Katie! You started as you meant to go and have stuck with it in spite of the attacks from people who think differently gives them a right to act with cruelty… much like their mentor Lucas.
2/14 c1 20pn1thrasher
Great story.
2/14 c1 184nebula2
Now this is a story i don't mind waking up to on valentine's day! I absolutely loved it. Welcome to the club- you know which on *wink*.

Loved how you wrote Nathan- more worried about elizabeth than the body. I think the death was well described and definitely seemed like an accident to me. The guy should have learned what the word mo meant.

The judge has to arrest her but she already confessed to the Mountie- i believe that says a lot about where Elizabeth's affections are.

Loved bill's comment about just taken him out to woods and letting the wild animals have him. Given Elizabeth's state i am sure it did cross Nathan's mind and him running would have been believable. Glad you are showing our mountie being nobler than that though.

Happy bill got the saloon and yes, they needed a new library!

Great story! Happy to have encouraged it!

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