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3/5/2023 c1 7Sunrise109
It is lovely to think of Valentine's Day as a day that brings people together and has a healing aspect to it.

Great and well written story, showing the exceptionally kindhearted and empathetic side of Tsundae-sama, which unfortunately the anime doesn't show as much as it perhaps should.

Wait... wow... O.o...?

Sakugo: short for -Sakura no Goshujin- !


I was wondering whether Sasuke-san was going to make an appearance... it was wonderful, thoughful and loving thing of him to leave Sakura that beautiful and intricate gift :)

Thanks very much for sharing this gift!
2/25/2023 c1 38BloodPokemon101
Great story! Loved it! To tell you the truth, it's been quite a long time since I read a Naruto fanfic. I enjoyed the thought you put into the story, and how you carefully make Sasuke/Sakura more believable than in the anime/manga. And having Sakura help her daughter, Sarada, make chocolates was a nice, cute touch.
2/25/2023 c1 55Wintry Leen
I just adore how you write Sasusaku. Compared to the usual angsty, drama-driven plots (including mine, oops), your brand of SasuSaku is stable, mature, and passionate in the gentlest of ways. It's quite refreshing, really! I so loved how you captured their loving relationship with just one word, Sakugo, and how you wrote about Sasuke's subtle yet meaningful ways of expressing his affections for Sakura. I squealed when he called her "Uchiha-san" as an attempt to tease her but at the same time, being sincere and happy about it. You portrayed so well how they are still in love and loving each other even with the distance, and that love is patient. Thank you for this wonderful story!

I'm glad I finally got the time to read and review the stories for this year's Valentine's SMTL. Thanks so much again for hosting this challenge and I hope I can participate as a contributor next time!
2/24/2023 c1 Lady Rini
so cute!
2/24/2023 c1 1WildMan98
Wow, this was impressive, the way you made me know that Sasuke and Sakura are deeply in love with each other, even though they're apart a lot of the time, and I don't even know anything about the fandom. Well done!
The writing was very effective in conveying the love between them, even through all their issues.

Sorry for not having more, I don't understand the fandom enough to have more.

Keep it up though!
2/22/2023 c1 17Pixie07
A SasuSaku story is always welcome. I love how can you were able to make a love story that the characters are apart and not an ounce of them being lonely on Valentine's day, in the contrary, Sakura seems anything but lonely and is content with the memories and their bond is stronger as ever. Oh, and I love that there's no drama or conflict.
2/19/2023 c1 26mississippimudpiecraves
Yay! You haven't lost your touch at all! I enjoyed reading this piece. I think it was clever to use that nickname and character for Sasuke. It is a sweet and simple way of Sasuke showing his love for Sakura. Calling her Uchiha-san and carving the Uchicha symbol into the tree after they got married is also heartwarming. And definitely growing that peony plant for her is an incredible gift. The symbolism as well is very appropriate and relevant for these two. I'm also glad that Tsunade is able to find her way on Valentine's day. It's also great that Sarada is understanding towards her father and is very considerate towards her mother. What a fantastic day for Sakura! Thank you for the wonderful story!

Appreciate your author's message and hope you had a great Valentine's day!
2/18/2023 c1 15naash
I thought this story stayed true to the challenge name. Like usual, your stories are impeccable from the storyline, to grammar and description.

Honestly, when i found out that sakura and sasuke wedded in the manga, i often wondered what their relationship dynamics would be like. We all know that sasuke is not as expressive and affectionate. So for you to stay true to his character yet portrayed his affection and devotion to sakura, in a way that made sense to sasuke, was just french's kiss.

I love the way sakura didnt mope on valentines day, her treating the day as every other day. She could easily be envious of other couples and their normal-ish dynamics. She could easily resent her choice. But she endures because she knows despite his absence, a true partnership Is about choice, trust, love and understanding. And not just a one day proclamation of love.

Sasuke's gift was special. It wasnt something as simple as flowers but something that had meaning. It showed how thoughtful he is, how he remembers small habits of sakura and how much she had become a necesaary part of his life.

Honestly, it was a great story. Thank you for sharing
2/15/2023 c1 Sandataba
Concrit coming your way, o'fiction! I haven't pledged to participate in your challenge, but I'm just flaky like that. Please accept this review with no commitments for any future reviews forthcoming.

Noticed that ffnet seems to be showing me that this was published on Feb 15 instead of Valentine's Day, which is probably either a bug on their end or due to my not being in a location with the same time zone as wherever this site operates from. (I think it's Los Angeles) No matter. It is the spirit of the story that counts!

I have always wondered at the martyr-like love Sakura bears for Sasuke, and also the tendency for all the people in Kishimoto's world to love only once, then never again (Tsunade, Kurenai, Yugao, etc.). I guess it helps to establish pathos and poignancy to a story and 'proves' that the person who died was their One True Love and therefore no one else may take their place. As for how Sakura is able to bear loving Sasuke, I suppose it also works because only a love like Sakura's could withstand the kind of baggage Sasuke had foisted on him since childhood.

So after reconciling myself to the mentality that permeates throughout the Naruto world, and accepting that there are all sorts of ways that people sustain long-term relationships, I read through this story and enjoyed the sweetness of a unique Valentine's tale where the couple never even sees each other, but are bonded over shared sentiments and secret places where flowers bloom. Nice.

I did have a hard time wrapping my head around whether Christmas and Valentine's were actually celebrated in Konoha, but apart from that, it was a touching story of a quiet, enduring love that Sakura was the first to feel for Sasuke, and which her husband was eventually able to reciprocate after healing his heart.

Appreciated the research that went into this fic and the bi-lingualness of it all (wow, non-English characters! but I'm sorry, I googled it and the characters used for Sakugo's name apparently means 'mistake' in Japanese? Sorry! If this is really an inside joke between these two lovebirds, then, so be it. You did make a disclaimer at the end, so I guess it's fine).

As usual, you are a ray of positivity on this site. Belated Happy Valentine's Day and may good things come to you always!
2/15/2023 c1 Guest
Great story!
2/15/2023 c1 187YenGirl
I really should’ve known that somehow you’d still find a way to surprise me with your lovely V-day offering! Not with the fandom since I was pretty sure it would be Naruto nor the pairing in questions since you usually write SasuSaku, but the magical way you weaved so many pretty things into a single story!

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more clearly than gifts (free time from Tsunade), flowers (peonies, a lovely change from the usual rose), ribbons (and in my favourite pink colour!), chocolates (homemade ones are always best), love (between husband & wife, mother & daughter and even between friends), memories (of weddings and love) and hope (for the future).

Firstly, Tsunade did a good thing to start things off, killing 2 birds with 1 stone – keeping herself busy and giving Sakura some much needed time off. Secondly, Sarada’s request led to that little love note *squeals*

Hats off to the absent but loving Sasuke for his cleverly hidden gifts in ‘their special place’. I love how he introduced himself as Sakura’s husband – that’s a good sign of devotion right there *nods* I loved how each little gift was shown to Sakura and us bit by bit – concealed by nature and by genjutsu. What a lovely spot that is!

And to make the rest of the day even better (not that Sakura needed it with the bubble of joy she was in), she got to spend some time with Sarada and her friend. And they’re going to get peonies to celebrate future Valentine’s Days! (Sakura might have to sneak off so Sarada doesn’t catch on that those flowers didn’t come from a shop).
Thank you for this lovely read and for hosting this Valentine's Day challenge for all of us. Each and every one of us could all do with a little more love in this world :)

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