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9/21 c25 Carlmike94
He didn't huff and puff, but he got the pig in the end
9/18 c25 mangouschase
call it Beast or Monster but in whatever Cu Chullain's language is
9/18 c25 mangouschase
nah I got like 3 notifications, it's just ffnet going down some time ago
9/18 c25 The Lich King Toby
Oh my fucking god, is this whole sequence a DBD reference?
9/18 c25 34Zeromaru Chaos Mode
The Me that has played a fuckton of Bloodborne wants to tell you to name it something like "Cleric." or "Vicar". Just Because.

Nobody would expect a giant monster wolf to be called "Cleric".

Plus since Crue's from Earth, he might get a kick out of it too.
9/17 c25 cassiusbadgett09
Awesome as always!
9/17 c25 1Scatman SSJohn EX
Honestly this is such a cool chapter! probably the most unique one in the Rwby fandom. I kinda want to see the beast tear through more bad guys.

I am looking forward towards the reunion between Neo and Crue.
9/17 c25 Guest
You know, a part of me was thinking that him doing it intentionally wouldn't work the first time, like because he wasn't in active danger and getting hurt through his aura he wouldn't transform immediately and just have this awkward jack sparrow moment before getting shot or something, I'm glad I was wrong this was way better
9/17 c25 KingNate2001
Man this was a great chapter i can’t wait for the next one. Also you’d be a great horror writer just by reading this
9/17 c25 10bit1024
Great chapter and a fun read. Can't wait for the next.
9/16 c25 rakhu1
Loved this chapter. Felt like watching someone play through something like Alien isolation.
9/16 c25 Astray-Tech
Holy hell this was good.
9/16 c25 Singular Ash
You forgot the line break lol. I tried to send this before and i don’t see it. Sorry if this pops uo twice.
9/16 c25 Debenter
This chapter turned out great with a good suspense in my opinion. The only thing i would point out is that you forgot to separate the Author Notes at the end of the chapter so i was a little bit confused for a second there
9/16 c25 1MrTexHex
Great chapter. Really got some Alien vibes and it was stellar.
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