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4/20 c1 AlejandraSI
Hola, cómo puedo encontrar tus historias en Amazon?
Me encantan y por cuestiones de la vida no logre leer el final de esta maravillosa historia ️
4/13 c1 Elias7
I am so happy to hear your daughter will be publishing "The Aunt" it is one of my favorite stories of yours. Whenever you get around to resuming your stories I will be here to read them!
4/12 c1 Guest
I hope your daughter reaches her goal of money for studying abroad! And your writing continues to be a source of joy! Thank you both!
4/12 c1 Carolineonestop
Thankyou dear author for letting us read your stories
You give us hours of entertainment which we appreciate very much
Your English us excellant
4/12 c1 Guest
Why is this story being posted again? Read the final chapter last week.
4/12 c1 rationalhuman
Regrets..major Regrets... I wish I could have stayed up late to finish of your story. I just found out the story 2 days back.. and finished upto chapter 22 yesterday.

But really loved the story as much as I read it.. thanks for sharing your wonderful story.
4/12 c1 guest
Where I cn find it published?
4/12 c1 Guest
Life gets in the way sometimes

You need to remember to take a few moments to yourself so you don’t lose yourself

Good luck with school
4/11 c35 Cathy Wagner
I loved this story! Thanks for sharing. Until next time.
4/11 c35 crispill
J'avais beaucoup aimé Extraviado, mais j'adore cette version étoffée. Ce William, qui a été élevé par des commerçants gentils, rigoureux et droits, est plus ouvert que Fitzwilliam coincé dans le carcan de l'aristocratie. L'harmonie du couple qu'il forme avec Elizabeth l'a aidé à faire face au grand changement de sa vie.
Merci d'avoir réécrit cette formidable histoire, et en anglais !
4/10 c35 Guest
Loved this story - thank you so much!
4/10 c35 Joan
I loved this story! There is no need to write a shorter story! The ending was perfect. They had two sons! Too bad that they had no daughters. I am sure that William Dalton Darcy would have loved to have had a couple of little Lizzies to make him crazy! I am glad that Violet and Mr. Darcy became good friends and got to see their grandchildren grow up. I think that having William back improved Mr. Darcy's health and healed him. The Bennet sisters healed Georgina as well!
4/9 c35 MelodieMLB
This was excellent! Please don't worry about writing more briefly. When a story's this good, I don't want it to be shorter!
4/9 c4 MelodieMLB
I'm really enjoying your story. Thank you so much for sharing it.
4/9 c2 MelodieMLB
I'm loving your story. Please remove the paragraphs after the earlier chapter saying that it's incomplete. I almost missed the rest of the story because of them, and it's way too good to miss!
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