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17h c9 batmanuchiha
...fanfic seem to have ignored my follow
19h c9 1Carnuub
Well done with this chapter!
9/30 c9 Hazyimp
This is very good
9/30 c9 Thaos
How come she is still miss of she has a husband and daughter? I don't think the world of one piece is yet at an age where women reject the misses title.
9/30 c9 jdboss2
9/30 c9 1Johncourtepatte
awesome as always , I can't wait for the next one!
9/30 c9 Efe Dundar
His sword mastery should be a level higher
9/30 c9 5DeadKing24712
Good to see some progress, it wouldn't be appropriate for a gamer to stay too weak in stories like this.. a gamer is a gamer after all.
9/30 c9 Uday Sra
9/29 c8 DeadKing24712
That was the best thing I've read for a while now.. congrats bro you officially got my attention for all of time.
9/29 c9 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
9/29 c9 ManAs Raj
Great chapter !
9/29 c9 MSPain
What a great chapter i dant wait for more!
9/29 c9 availing
glad to see you back
9/29 c9 Dovack
Thank you For the update I really enjoyed after a long day
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