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for Kingdom Hearts: (Re) Destiny

6/1 c3 1mattoblat
Glad to see this updated, I can only assume that Viera joining all the guilds in Ul’dah is your WoL hitting 15 and being able to travel to the other city-states. Interested in Aqua finally learning about the aetheric color wheel, and am fully looking forward to her reaction if she ever gets to the First. The Thirteenth is an interesting case as well, as its technically a World that has fallen to Darkness, but it can’t go into the Realm of Darkness because it’s still tied to the Source.

As for the next chapter? I’d be fine with keeping this format of just one character or group of characters per chapter. I do worry about how many characters you are eventually going to need to juggle in order to flesh them out properly. And that leads me to another critique I’d like to raise, namely that the world your characters is a character in and of itself, and deserves a similar treatment.
9/16/2023 c2 3BlazerRaylock
Hah! Hobestly, Always Saw Goofy as the guy to comfort Peg as she needed it and yes, I do enjoy the Goofy/Peg/Sylvia love group.

On another note. Hooboy, following the same story just with the alternate events, Kairi is not in Sora's Heart and Aqua being out of the Darkness earlier, Riku does not have Kairi's Body.
2/21/2023 c1 9Drake G. Reaper
I'm interested in where this is going cool to see some early Kairi and Aqua bonding. Interesting detail that for Riku's dive to the heart it's Ansem guiding him through it. Then again Riku and Ansem's relationship is at times mentoring most of the time he just wants control. Though who knows this might turn him against Xehanort's plans. As for Sora it's looking he'll end up in Traverse Town as normal.
2/20/2023 c1 4FlexonWriter
Glad to see something different keep up the good work.

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