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2/13 c21 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the hapter.
Sorrt for the poor review.
2/10 c21 Gawain-Knight of the Sun
Gib Freya/Shirou plz
2/7 c1 Yuyuyujin
2/6 c21 7Wally991
Gosh darn it Thetis
2/5 c21 3quanfate
LOL. The blatant cheating had me on the floor
2/4 c21 Guest
kinda hope shirou makes armor for himself

im sure he could make magical power armor to lift the strain of his reinforcement off his body for prolonged fights

would be amazing if he could trick the world into giving shirou Divine blood of hephestus XD

[why does this demigod not have the blood of hephestus when he can forge like her as a mortal?]

it would be so freakin awesome

maybe it would happen when shirou uses his tHe full UBW
2/4 c21 skrapsynneh
Thank you for the chapter. I look forwards to more.
2/4 c21 X6-88
Ah an update on a series I am excited to see what happens next! Let’s get started.

I want to say round 2 but it’s technically the first round for rider. Eh bottom line it’s rider’s turn and he’s damn excited. And damn the small number of challengers just dropped down to 2. I’m legitimately wondering who wanted to attempt to fight against rider only to get cold feet at the last second? Eh time will tell, but we got Riveria and Finn here. One knows the mess she is getting into the other is walking blind despite being warned consistently. Then again there is a saying “seeing is believing” and frankly despite even after being warned and seeing what Shirou just did, Finn seems to not truly understand just what he’s going to get into.

And frankly it’s over right when it starts, here in this fight speed is KING. Under a second or two both captains are one sided beaten before they could do anything. Loki might want to reevaluate her thoughts about needing just her entire Familia to subdue Rider because she’s definitely going to need far more just to subdue Rider let alone deal with the rest of Thetis Familia.

Yeah, it’s slowly dawning on everyone just the difference between regular adventurers and “Demi-Gods” there’s a difference between that can’t be ignored and provides an idea what a god who is not bound by the rules could possibly do.

Here comes a fight that many readers have been looking forward to and for good reason. Hercules in Archer form is about to showcase what he could do. Oh, Bell you sweet summer child, granted compared to everyone else who stood up to “challenge” Hercules you definitely showed more bravery than they did. Granted many would say it’s naivety but that kind of thinking is welcomed and good for Hercules. Since many are overwhelmed by his mere presence. Now let’s see how far Ottar can go? For Ottar it’s like a blast from the past in a sense, back to the days where he was just a level 1-2 and training among Zeus and Hera members and losing and chasing after them. As much as loyal Ottar is it goes to the point of being a problem and causing problems to many individuals. In many ways it reminds me

Bell sure you soul may feel like it’s leaving its body but you without doubt got off better than the next guy.

Oh ottar, it’s not arrogance it’s mercy or if you want to be rude, pity. Hell, I’m getting seven deadly sins flashback on this moment where Escanor walks toward Estrarossa and says why would he hate something weaker than him? For real though Ottar if you think Hercules is “arrogant” I can only wonder what you would think of Gilgamesh the personification of “Pride”. Anyway, sorry to say Ottar but you’re about to learn that Hercules is way above your rank that you can’t even scratch him. Safe to say Ottar is going to wake up in a cold sweat and think he went back in time when he first started and got his ass handed to him.

Though Hercules doesn’t know Gods and goddess can’t just give more divinity like you mused because the system doesn’t work that way.

Another off topic but I like when Fate verse people use fate terminology and other people have no idea what they are talking about. Showcases how different they are and how people are not super geniuses that can piece together what they are saying and so. We don’t have Aizen-level geniuses running around in every verse and yet for some reason too many fanfic writers make the average guy able to put it all together with no issue.

I really should not be surprised that Rider challenges Archer, it was going to happen sooner, or later issue is making sure said fight doesn’t go “Death Battle” Because I’m not sure how they are going to decide who wins. Like my money is on Hercules God’s hand because eventually no matter what Rider does, he’s going to run out of options to “kill” Hercules. That’s also not getting into the matter of Hercules being one of the few people capable of hurting Rider despite his armor and blessings. But can’t deny that being “blessed” by Thetis is going to improve his odds. But if I were to guess how it ends it’s going to be Shirou casting Ig-Alima or Sul-sagana in-between them to interrupt the fight before it gets too serious. Which is going to have people stare at a sword literally the size of a mountain and raise so many questions. Though I like many other riders are going to enjoy a spar/fight between two of Greeks greatest heroes.

Though overall nobody can beat the trio its going to instill confidence and yet lower self-confidence on the many adventurers given how they all lost pretty badly. And slowly but surely, we are getting to the part where Zeus is going to have to make a meeting with Hercules and deal with that can of worms. Meanwhile we have the much looking forward meeting between Shirou and Hephaestus.

Anyway, hope this series gets an update since it’s so good to read! Until then stay golden!
2/4 c21 Guest
2/4 c21 AidenJacksonSmithDSBB
Ah... Fuck
2/3 c21 Dauntes
Loved it, thanks!
2/3 c21 edudasitco
Well Heracles is not wrong. Ottar knows he is weak when he looks at the members of Zeus/Hera Familia and still is not looking for strenght like those who desire it like Ais despite wanting to reach them. I can't remember if it was in the LN of Freya or the ones from the later volumes, but Ottar is at the peak of LV7 with 950 in almost every Stat and still he knows he doesn't hold a candle against Zald, Alfia or the executives of Hera/Zeus Familia at the same level. He only needs a feat and he knows where to find it but of course Freya forbid him and he obeyed. So yeah for a "warrior" who looks for strenght and yet puts his loyalty to the point he is seen like a buttler is pretty disappointing in the eyes of heroic spirits.
2/3 c21 Yorozuya Forever
I am actually looking forward to Heracles and Achilles fighting. I mean the crazy things Alcides did in Strange Fake, like being able to shoot an arrow from 20 kilometers. The times he shoots arrows where it resembles laser beams. And the various forms Nine Lives can be used, one of them being Heracles being able to shoot nine dragon-like homing lasers that was mentioned in the material books. I look forward to it.
2/3 c21 Guest
i would love to see nine lives with a bow XD

Ihave a feeling Heracles Bowmanship is gonna sound more like an army of C-RAM firing with elplosive bullets
2/3 c21 kusanagi29
Buena demostración de habilidades por parte de Archer y Rider se lucieron en esto

Bueno ya veremos lo que pasara después de este evento y como avanzara esta travesia, buen capitulo.
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