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for An Inadvisable Reason to Stay Awake

9/15 c1 Guest
I ️ wc too!
9/15 c1 Guest
W c 4
3/22 c1 43The DarkCat
Okay, I loved the slow reveal of the love interest and Miranda's thoughts were interesting to read. Poor girl though... Also I liked the fact that Elyon had given Miranda a second chance here. This was a neat fic.
3/19 c1 107Shizuku Tsukishima749
"Caleb was from Meridian and he was getting married to the Guardian leader after all without any problems." AHHHH! IS HE WITH WILL?! HOLY SHIT, MY SHIP LIVES! I keep thinking I'm the only one who's ALWAYS shipped Will/Caleb (OTP!) since I never see any content with them, but THIS! THIS MAKES MY DAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH! *U*

Not really one for age gaps, haha, but this was interesting! Cool to see into their heads and see how they're processing their feelings! lol.

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