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9/22/2023 c2 Yeikel
Saitama is below any level Frieza from Namek anime
9/5/2023 c1 Qyburn
Saitama defeats anyone below Beerus' level.
9/5/2023 c1 Jobu Tupaki
Tatsumaki? Zetsu? Megumi?
6/1/2023 c2 bekassjgod
Rip Sakune )
3/20/2023 c1 2Dave Rocky Buchanan
Yeesh, please work on proper capitalization.
3/11/2023 c1 bekassjgod
2/27/2023 c1 Yeikel
It's very difficult to combine DBS with many series, since it's very powerful and has a really massive cosmology when you get into it, much bigger than any series that you're putting in here with them, to put the difference in perspective, Saitama is multi solar system and Goku in SSG in BoG (which is absolutely fodder for Frieza in RoF, which is absolutely fodder for Black Goku, which is complete fodder for Goku in ToP) was minimal multiversal complex for being able to destroy the Macrocosm which is minimal complex multiversal because of the lots of statements and complexity of the higher dimensions that exist within it. The difference between the two levels is much bigger than infinity, the only way the series can be logical is that you massively weaken Dragon ball or massively increase the power of other series, which is neither good, but I'm going Let's wait and see how you handle the power difference between the series.

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