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Type of genius
2/27 c1 Guest
not everyone inherits a trust fund

Steal or starve kill or be killed

If you want to get out of circumstances of fate and the devil is the only offering a hand up you take it


Hospitals universities roads sewage treatment plants

Food shelter healthcare education

Everyone should have Forstress of Solitude Sunstone and Exobytes

The only prayer that counts is health/wellness and plenty prosperity for all humanity/sentient life

Excessive force torture crippling maiming starve/malnutrition suffer diseases and/or injuries

No matter how well intentioned infantilization is also abuse

implied threat of financial ruin
destruction of property

Bullies with or without badges looking for acceptable targets

Abuse isn't always intentional but it's still abuse and can be mental, emotional, social as well as physical

Theocrats perpetuate poverty keep the poor poor making more and more poor under develop critical thinking skills brainwash and indoctrinate so the elect and continue to reelect corrupt and incompetent

There are advantages to being single

There is love and the idea of being in love of possessing of controlling

Despite what peers and own libido constantly tell you worth and value isn't ability to convince someone to mate and/or breed with you

Society/social/family/peer pressure to procreate

According to Beautia Sivana, in the early 20th century, Sivana was one of the most brilliant and promising of the young scientists of Europe. Idealistic and naive, he encountered endless rejection for his world-bettering inventions and mankind-improving schemes, from cynical politicians and crony industrialists who liked the world just the way it was. Finally penniless, outcast, and half mad, the widowed scientist gathered his two tiny children, boarded a rocketship of his own creation, and withdrew to the planet Venus. There amid the overwhelming dangers of the fierce jungle planet, he raised his children to young adulthood

“They have to look like they’re good, but that’s true of a lot of gangs. There’s a reason they mostly start as neighborhood protection groups, usually from other gangs, or just because Law Enforcement refuses to do their jobs,” “They can go bad, and usually do, but a lot of them do help out the people in their territory even after that point, and so the people cover for them, not just out of fear of retaliation, if they don’t.”

“While an unfortunate comparison, given some of their actions I have been made aware of, that is not inaccurate. It might be closer to say that the Protectorate are ultimately a governmental organization, and those tend to dislike non-governmental bodies infringing their area of responsibility, their ‘territory’ if you will. Following the law, they would be constrained, but this is a case of ‘who watches the watchman?’”

Until the citizens of the DCverse say they'd rather have Lex solve the problems of the world instead of super powered people punching things they don't deserve the cancer cure and etc

Lex Luthor goes out of his way to be a friendly, personable boss to the help, from his janitor to the guy who owns the newsstand near his building to Alfred Pennyworth when he meets Bruce Wayne, Lex is actually a very complex character, he appreciates honest, hard work, since he himself comes from a working-class background (he’s from Metropolis’s Suicide Slums, it was his inventions and leadership that made Metropolis a city of tomorrow that got Metropolis out of near fatal poverty), and he's not lying when he says that he has the ultimate well-being of humanity in mind HE should be the one in charge, but as long as he has that, he does try to make those under him live better lives. Lex has a good understanding of how economics work, so he knows that his financial empire is supported by average joes working blue-collar jobs

Anti matter Earth Three Mazahs, Adrien Veidt, Edison Rex, Warbucks, Richie Rich, Hank Scorpio, Xanatos, Bruce Stark/Tony Wayne, Doc Savage, Axel Brass

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