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for Dance of the Dread

4/4 c10 1GideonBlackthorn
love the fic bit im begging on my knees here...dont make rhaenyra go nuts plz!
3/31 c10 qalleesyawesome
ah yes finally getting the dragon!. it seems Rhaenyra will be the antagonist of the story huh. thanks for writing
3/20 c5 37AliceWolfstark27
Que genial. un 10 de 10.
3/20 c2 AliceWolfstark27
Excelente. Que historia tan buena. :)
3/6 c10 Guest
I hope part 11 comes out soon
2/25 c1 Quetzalcoatl
Please please update .
2/14 c10 Guest
I can’t wait for the next I hope it comes out soon
2/11 c10 Sauqy55555
2/10 c10 Guest
Sigo esperando el siguiente capítulo, y estoy seguro de que no soy el único.
2/3 c1 Jojo2424
More than updates
2/1 c10 Guest
Sigo esperando ansiosamente la continuación de está historia tan genial.
1/30 c10 FENIXHY
Excellent chapter, I'm looking forward to the next one.
1/29 c10 Guest
Next episode please im begging
1/29 c10 3aragon66
Nice chapter, as always. Please continue!

Btw, did you know there's no crossover between Naruto and The Ancient Magus Bride? Maybe you could write one or two?

Wishing you the best, always!
1/28 c10 1Six-Eyed Vixen
Damn so Daemon is gonna be on the side of the greens here? The blacks are cooked lmao.
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