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for Darker Than Gray

5/24 c21 Shadow4479
Did the author forget about a certain map… the more controlled edge is the more she becomes Tom…
5/22 c21 Ep
5/23 c21 19orthankg1
Very nice.
5/22 c21 sh777
Thanks for the update.
5/22 c21 Qhristhian
Se siente demasiado largo todo el tiempo pasado entre el accidente y la investigación.
O esto aumenta su ritmo o prácticamente se quedará atascado en esta trama durante 1 año (teniendo en cuenta tu tiempo de actualización es posible)

El problema de historias así, es que si bien son agradables y entretenidas de leer, al haber tanto espacio entre capítulos, mas el ritmo que llevan, hacen que todo se sienta mucho más lento.
5/22 c21 Mikeblade
it's the magical world they throw people into jail all the time with flimsy excuses for evidence. also harry's a half blood if edgecomb is pureblood they would think she was telling the truth and harry lying just on that alone.
5/6 c20 ImHateful
It's kinda strange for me seeing tracy not hot for harry in this fic, I came from another of your stories amd she was one of his lovers, I don't know how to feel about her and Neville
4/24 c20 yoto
bon chapitre
4/25 c7 Noobmaster6785
what an idiot
4/23 c20 Guest
Very nice love the mystery and intrigue can’t wait for the climax and fall out.
4/23 c20 fortinpatric
Merci pour le chapitre
4/22 c20 5plums
Time between accidents and the “investigation” is too long. Questioning should’ve already taken place. All this drama feels like angst for the sake of having angst there.
4/22 c20 mike3308
I hope that Harry has a successful confrontation with Voldemort.
4/22 c1 Church21
Some grown dude with a beard sitting on that little stool and putting yhe sorting hat on would be hilarious though
4/22 c1 Church21
Never really like the premis of storys that start hogwarts at a later date. I understand its necessary for people that want to write mature content for students still in school but all i can think about is that would put these kids in their 20s before they can even graduate. A bunch of what are realisticly adults getting detention and treated like grade schoolers. Can never get that out of my head lol
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