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for Danganronpa: Sanctuary Of Talent (CLOSED SYOC)

11/4/2023 c7 1ExtraMeme
I’d usually post thoughts on discord but because its the first official chapter ill say some things here. Firstly, literally everyone has a great dynamic somehow? Assuming these are gonna be the mentor-student pairings, I’m excited already. Also, this reminded me of YTTD as well, with all of the finding doll parts in the intro.

I am very bias but i did really enjoy seeing Akinari and Naohito. Akinari’s immediate good relationship with Trace was honestly kind of adorable. Others characters that have me curious would have to be Yumi for one. Such an aggresive personality for having a talent like that is awfully interesting. Bohai seemed surprisingly cute, and Yoshinobu seemed interesting too.

Then the second reserve needs their own spin-off show already they are amazing. I still dont know what they even are but i love them. Naohito and Tiago’s relationship is just God of War and its amazing. Jiji seems nice but also kinda sus because she has seemingly seen this stuff before. But overall a banger chapter and im excited for the next!
11/4/2023 c7 135TheRoseShadow21
I really enjoyed seeing all the different POVs, so I applaud you for the effort you clearly went through for this D. It was so cool seeing all the different teacher-student dynamics too...and this whole thing about a puzzle with doll bits? Very creepy. i am intrigued. Keep up the good work! :)
11/3/2023 c7 VividIsSleeping
Omg the time has come! Normally I’d just message on discord about my thoughts, but because it’s the officially the start, i’ll post a couple of my thoughts here. First of all… I think you wrote Adam just perfectly, especially with his pairing and the way they bounced off each other. I also think you put each pairing in different subjects for a reason, with “History” i think it matches the two of them. Though I can’t say the same for the rest, as I only know my own character ;)

Just gotta say that my fave interactions were Midas Freyja, Mateo Ayame and the group of 4 in the homeroom. Tiago is basically Kratos, can’t wait to set up a “Boy” counter. I’d love to talk about every character individually, but it’s 4:30 am at the time of me writing this so I’m not in the right mind to do so. Thanks again for the chappy… even if it took 1 million years.. lol just joking, we love you fella!
8/17/2023 c6 TheRoseShadow21
I did scroll down to see the full cast list to see if I had been accepted (sad that I'm not, but it is what it is), but I didn't get a chance to read through until now. But, better late than never, eh? I have to say I enjoyed all these different snippets of reactions to their letters/general knowledge of their invites, and so many different situations that they were all in. I suspect Louise and Lady Midas are going to be memorable weirdos, and I'm definitely intrigued by the backstories Jiji and Naohito might have based on their snippets. All in all, looks like you got yourself a fun, varied cast and I can't wait to see what you might cook up with them!
8/10/2023 c5 SqualinaTralala
Hello there Candle! Once again, I wanna say thank you so much for accepting my daughter Freyja! Let’s hope third time’s the charm! I love, love, love the concept of the story, having different generations of Ultimates interacting with each other is a very creative idea that allows for plenty of drama and ideology clashes. I really enjoyed reading those little character vignettes, it certainly helps to paint a clearer picture of the cast than a simple list of names and talents! Gosh, it’s been such a long time since I’ve last participated in a SYOC, time to get the review train started!

First off, reading the intro with the anniversary of the Global Hope Association, I can’t help but think…Jesus Christ, Naegi, have you learned absolutely nothing from your traumatic killing games and the events leading to the Tragedy? Why the heck would you reopen the school that essentially caused to almost-total collapse of human society? Sure, Junko ignited the spark of despair, but one could say that Hope’s Peak Academy’s purpose was doomed to corruption from the beginning… But wait, did they really say *thousands* of new schools? Damn that’s a lot! Let’s say there’s two new batches of sixteen students each year for each institution, how did they even find this many SHSL? I suppose there’s a lot of repeats-talents, like Kokoro having Munakata’s talent and of course the famous luck lottery…

Anyways, Kokoro’s vignette was super intriguing and added a little more context to her motivations and dreams. Despite her personality kinda rubbing me the wrong way, the girl didn’t have an easy life with the financial difficulties and the loss of her dad(?) I feel like the way she talks about him, something fucked up happened to her father, could it be a sickness? An accident? A suicide? Something else completely? Like PrincePokePersona said, I really do hope she’ll manage to make some friends, what was that quote again? He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk…

Next up, we’ve got Adam Faulx, the next SHSL Lucky Student, hmm I’m pretty curious to see know his luck stands up to the likes of Makoto or Nagito… Does his luck lean more toward the good or the bad spectrum? He seems like a rather normal young guy (who may prefer to stay on the sidelines and watch?) That’s just my very early analysis from this mini-scene and the Discord meme channel aha. I do feel like he might be hiding a secret personality, maybe not something drastic or crazy like Komaeda, but maybe some quirky trait? Hmm, but since he applied to the Sanctuary, I wonder how he’ll be able to train a talent as abstract as his?

Oooh the name Dr. Louise Annabelle Bogweather rings a bell to me… Yes, I think she’s from an old canceled SYOC story my girl used to be in! SHSL Doctor, more like SHSL Witch Doctor, I really find her talent fascinating and am interested in getting to know how she got into the profession at such a young age… In any case, I had fun reading her part, it’s absolutely hilarious! I was snickering while imagining the patient’s reaction and Louise’s deadpan notes, hehe I feel like she’ll be an entertaining character to watch for!

Then we have Ayame Fuse, the SHSL Shogi Pro, who, honestly, I don’t have much to say about so far. It would seem that she’s very smart and calculating, probably an icy-kuudere type of character… I wonder how her intelligence will translate in an investigation or a trial situation though…

And now it’s my girl’s turn to get introduced! I loved how you’ve written her so far! Her hyper dramatic, hyper disjointed way of explaining her theories was well-shown here! And of course, the comments are divided, aha. As the youngest of the cast, I’m looking forward to seeing how this will affect her interactions with the others… Something funny I noticed is how Miku was first described as the celery queen and then the spring onion queen and then finally the leek queen, why does a certain vegetable juice song come in mind? …Yeah, I do tend to refresh and reread a new chapter often, how do you know?

Onto the next character, we’ve got Tracy Flaming, the SHSL Pharmacist! From his short excerpt, it would seem like he’s quite the nice guy, caring about the people around him. With his approach to medicine being more say, conventional, than our SHSL Doctor, I wonder their interactions will go…I’m also curious to learn more Libertatem, seems like the interest in pharmaceuticals runs in the family, but I wonder if the guy developed it himself or maybe he was encouraged huh…

I’ll have to say, Casey Rosario’s talent is one that caught my attention ever since it appeared on the list of submissions as a big fan of reality TV shows like Survivor or RPDR! I wonder what Crazy Killer Stage Show is about though, is it a dating show, a continuous live-streamed life show, a talent show, a game show, or something else? Although from the name, it kinda sounds like a party game, maybe it’s something like The Traitors where the cast essentially play Mafia? Anyway, he sounds like quite the charismatic guy, looking forward to seeing more of him…

Yumi Toyotomi’s talent also had my interest, looks like she’s another Izuru Kamukura, although the lite version. So, this girl can technically be a decent but not the best dentist, painter, fashion designer, basketball player, plane engineer, competition eater, duchess, phantom thief all the same time? Damn, that’s crazy. And let’s not forget about the rest of the cast’s individual talents! I wonder if her polyvalence is natural or not, hmmmm… Now, that report of her, whew, it sounds super intense, what could have happened to her to make her so furious against the school? Mystery, mystery…

Oh my oh my, now that’s a plotwist, what could that Second Reserve’s role be? Does it mean that they were almost chosen as part of the killing game but weren’t in the end? Are they going to replace the main cast if some of them die? Or maybe, their story won’t be told in the form of a traditional killing game at all, maybe they’ll be interacting in the outside world, kinda like Komaru and Touko’s trials in Towa City?

Alright so for our first Second Reserve student, we have Naohito Urabe, the SHSL Traceur. Pretty cool talent, I’d say! Though that GHA acceptance letter seemed ominous, looks like something bad happened to his family, if I’d guess, it’d have to do with his father, oh dear, those fake smiles, I wonder if there was some abuse or a tragic death behind the curtains… I also wonder what kind of personality he would have…

Finally, we’ve arrived at the last student intro and it’s quite a memorable one! This Miho Akatsuki sure sounds like a chaotic gal with her putting a whole freaking neighbourhood in fire!? I sure do hope it was abandoned, huh… Why do I imagine her having an all-out-attack art like in Persona 5 where she flips back after an act of arson and does a fabulous *kira* pose? Gosh, she sure does scare me, but also, she sounds like a riot, I can’t wait to see more of our cute pyrotechnician!

Holy shit this review is getting freaking long, I think I’ll take a break for the moment and write another review later for the Supreme level cast. I’ll post it for the cast list chapter though, so I can post the next one in the fifth intro chapter. Anyway, that was a great start to the story and I wish you an amazing day! ٩(‿。)۶
8/8/2023 c6 6Prince PokePersona
I just want to say how proud I am of you Candle. I know the struggles of choosing from so many potential OC forms and having to reject a lot of them, but either way, I am very happy that you accepted Casey. I had a lot of fun writing his form and I just know you will do him justice when the story starts properly. I love how you captured his charm in that tv intro and the people watching from home, honestly makes me nostalgic for older shows now.

Now on to the other characters, from the looks of it, it seems Kokoro may be in a financially struggling situation, and I feel bad for her. Though she has a haughty attitude about her, I imagine the loss of her mother and having to meet everyone's expectations at such a young age would force one to mature faster than the rest and I just want for her to get some friends.

Adam's intro is a complete mood, also how did you find a leaked image of my bedroom lol. I like the juxtaposition between the cheerful announcer and the very apathetic nature of how Adam regards the talent, not wanting the attention it gives him and I can tell he will be very introverted. A big mood.

Can I just say that I love Louise's stubbornness and unorthodox methods of healthcare. The patient review at the bottom had me cackling and hearing the passive aggressive and critical doctor's report and roast she gave the patient; it honestly was just hilarity. I imagine she's going to be the weird and cooky one of the cast, which just makes me like her even more.

Ayame's intro was alright, not much to it besides her schooling the older shogi master at his own game. I bet there's a reason why she became so proficient at the game, and I think she could be the cold and calculating type given how quickly she was able to defeat her opponent.

Freyja's conspiracy posts are honestly so funny to read and seeing the people in the comments debunking it, it feels like I'm reading a Reddit thread. It would be wild if Hatsune Miku and other AI idols were apart of some government conspiracy to monitor people, a good thing I do not like that kind of subculture lol. I can see she might be the devious type or at least one who is very mischievous.

Tracy has a lot of pedigree behind his family name, and I can probably tell he's going to be compared to his father or grandfather, whichever the relation is. I know that him being an Abbie OC means he's going to be the very cheerful and positive minded type of character and I wonder what the Libertatem inc is all about, I wonder if it will have ties to the game as a whole.

Yumi is obviously bitter and aggressive towards the GHA as a whole. If anything, her intro detailed a lot of vitriol towards her talent and the contempt she holds for the invitation. I wonder what happened in her past to cause her to be so jaded and cynical towards the association. I imagine that letter and being given a talent that doesn't really say much of anything would put a damper on anyone's mood.

Naohito's backstory seems to hint about a family tragedy, and I had no idea what being a traceur entailed until now, so it's just a fancier term for parkourist. I don't really know much about him, but I can see that he probably takes his work as a traceur seriously if he likes posting videos about his skills.

Miho looks like such a bundle of chaotic joy. Much like with any Hunter OC, she has a talent that seems to contradict her very girly and bizarre aesthetic and I find that really interesting to note. I wonder if her pyrotechnics is just an excuse for her to blow things up and honestly that must be oddly cathartic for her. I can't wait for her to be revealed as some serial arsonist oh my goodness.

On to the Supremes now, I'm already familiar with Eddie and his empire. One thing that intrigues me about the older teachers is their individual histories and Eddie in particular has the most mystery about him and his dedication to keeping his casino alive and some kind of past incident that made him the cold individual he is today. He will forever be a papa bear to me.

Lady Midas is just pure lol so random energy and I am living for it. She is probably going to be the wild card of this story, much similar to Kokichi in that regard but with less lying I suppose. She comes off like a goofy Saturday morning cartoon villain than what that title would imply. I can see her more as a prankster than someone who wants to cause mayhem.

Akinari did not impress me at first but the mention that he put on a character of a mad scientist of sorts mixed with his weird shop makes me think he's going to be the one throwing out the wild theories and probably makes you wonder if he creates silly drugs or cackles whenever he comes up with a medicinal formula. I have no idea what he's about, but I am interested in his personality.

Valerie, I imagine is the typical no nonsense busybody drill sergeant, she keeps Fort Shane like a well-oiled machine and the mention that her departure from the fort implies that something bad happened before she came on to the scene. I can see she has a strong sense of duty and will do what is necessary, even if the ending crawl of her intro implies something dire would happen when she leaves.

Mateo's intro sure leaves an impression, and the mad man is over here freeclimbing the world's tallest building like he wouldn't die if his hand slipped. He really thinks he's Tom Cruise or something smh lol. Watching the GHA scout pass out from the fear of heights is a mood, I would get sweaty just watching the video and I don't even want to know what the last peak he would have climbed would be.

Bohai's intro is probably telling even if a lot of it leaves much to be desired. I can tell he probably cares a lot for the marine life he studies if he's given notes about what endangered wildlife is there to look after. In typical fashion, the big brute might end up being the sweetest one there. Also, his last name is hard to say and type out, so good luck with that lol.

I see we found the designated mom friend of the group; Chuya is definitely going to scold Eddie for not giving his wife a child. I imagine she might encourage him to adopt due to his wealth and the idea of this kind and caring woman goading the big burly man to do so is wholesome. That said, this does raise a lot of death flags for her unfortunately.

Yoshinobu appears to be a very well-respected gentleman figure and his accomplishments and title precede him if the note is anything to go by. He is also the oldest one of the groups, so I imagine his years of experience and wisdom will give him an advantage in the game, granted he doesn't get a heart attack and dies first, I'm joking please don't sue me for the elder jokes lol.

Jiyuu's intro is the most mysterious next to Eddie's. Not much is shown about their talent or what she specialized in. I imagine that the grave they are visiting has something to do with a former friend, family member or lover that passed that she is trying to live on in the memory of. I wonder why they keep their talent hidden. Aside from that, this intro gave no hints away aside from the general feeling of death and despair, it is very ominous indeed.

I am all too familiar with Tiago and his very lengthy form thanks to Comrade. This cold and stoic looking older man probably has seen the worst of the worst and might have become hardened over time due to his experiences in Sao Paolo. He definitely has the look to him, he looks like the kind of guy to get stereotyped as the bad guy, but he has to be stern if he wants his nation to thrive. He also holds the most government power amongst the entire cast, so I wonder if political ties would be woven in this story somehow.

Again, props to you Candle for managing to find the best of the best within fifty plus forms, I applaud you good sir. I look forward to the next prologue chapter and good luck with life, your work, college and your second story when it updates. Have a good one.
7/24/2023 c1 guest
do you play Rain Code game?
7/14/2023 c6 55WolfieRed23
Ooooh, Candle, I love Laurel and Barneby as the mascots! They look so fun and I love how you describe them! I cannot wait to see how everyone reacts to them and basically the class in general, it’s gonna be so fun!
7/4/2023 c5 2Magus Black
Well I just got done with binge reading your story Gold House (will write that review latter) so lets get caught to speed here!

So just stating the obvious since Ed is part of a notoriously predatory occupation (IE: Gambling) its little surprise that he’s not a bundle of smiles and jolly cooperation, adding in that he’s past his prime; jaded; and a little bitter about the way the worlds gone since his youth and its understandable.

Especially since he was around 12 when the madness of the [Ultimate Despair] and her [Remnants of Despair] finally came to an end, he likely saw some of the very WORST of humanity in that time. The follow up of this was a slow recover that lead from a society that placed less investment in the idea of [Special] people (Makoto Naegi vision for the future) to going 180 and OVER-EMPHASISING on [Talent]…which is not only what the original fools of Hopes Peak sought to do, but was the a major part of the reason everything went to hell in first place!

…and now decades latter he’s going to have to relive that old nightmare as history repeats (who may either be a ‘former’ Remnant is a ‘Neo Remnant of Despair’).

Dude should of got laid, had a family somewhere nice and quiet and disconnected the Internet and ignored any parts of the past that don’t live with him and here and now…but making bad decisions is what we humans do best.

For Kokoro Tanako a life of hardship in a cut-throat world of [Talented Take All].
For Eddie Orsino a lifetime of painful memories and rage with a world [Gone Terribly Astray].
And our elusive Mastermind that wants to bring back Disco and [Burn the World Down Again].

-Magus Black
6/23/2023 c5 6Prince PokePersona
I have been inundated with so many exciting updates recently in regard to stories I follow and this one probably takes the cake in terms of uniqueness, presentation and general set up for a protagonist. I know writing these latest chapters with your busy schedule has been tough, but I'm so proud of you for pushing through and seeing it come to fruition, Candle. Great work!

There's a lot to go over, but honestly, I think Eddie as the Supreme version protagonist already stands out in comparison. There's so much mystery to him as a character and how he became the man he is today. I love his more cynical, yet realistic view on the world and how it treats talented individuals as a whole; he seems to foster some level of resentment and jadedness towards the program and the foundation as a whole and that only further intrigues me on how he has become the ruthless casino owner we now know.

He has the advantage of having more life experience and being an older protagonist compared to the younger ones we get in these types of stories, and I feel it really shows in this introduction. He doesn't beat around the bush, he's direct and cutthroat, he values his casino and the empire he's created for himself to an obsessive degree, he's not afraid to get his hands dirty if it means making an example out of people who spite him, but at the same time you can see a tinge of softness and humanity lingering in his facade that you just want to know more about him. He's like a papa bear figure in that regard.

The addition of Constance acting as the more hopeful assistant to ease him into the idea of teaching new students is also noteworthy. He offers a bit more of an optimistic mindset as opposed to his pessimistic and grumpy boss. Eddie's wife Vicky is also a standout, she knows the kind of man he is and the shady dealings he does behind the scenes, but she obviously is smitten with him and acts as his emotional rock. I believe the subtle and poignant bit that works for this story is the idea of Eddie potentially becoming a father, sharing his life with others he cherishes and how this story might alter his view on super high school level students. His character is rich with possible outcomes, and I also like his very standout design, even if it is very simple on the surface, he definitely embodies the gruff and dominating figure that we saw of him when we were in Kokoro's POV and without overloading this review, I just love this chapter a lot.

At times it felt like I was watching a crime thriller/drama of sorts, it was well done, and I love the mystery and little seeds of how he created his casino and what pushed him to become what he is, and the boldened text of "him" definitely hits a sore spot for Eddie. And also, I love the parallels between him and Kokoro. She embodies the young, naive, stubbornness of teens her age, thinking she knows better, with grander plans for the future while he is the adverse, offering a more pragmatic and sensible point of view regarding the talent program, his persistent dedication to keep his dream alive no matter the costs, as well as giving genuine critiques to how the program chews up and spits out young people like candy. To summarize, both of them are two sides of the same coin, and that was really well done, both suffer from different versions of hubris, and I would not be surprised if the two of them become their student and mentor respectively to add on some humorous antics.

Enough rambling, this comment is long as is, but amazing work as usual, dude. I know we have to wait for the submissions to roll around, but I am very eager and am patiently waiting for what you have in store for us next.
6/23/2023 c5 55WolfieRed23
Eddie is fascinating in his complete opposite stance from Kokoro and I think seeing them play off each other will be very interesting in the end. And all these hints to his backstory, to his time in the Tragedy and someone else who had been there that still affects him to this day has me very intrigued. I can’t wait to see who else will be joining these two on this journey!
4/25/2023 c4 2Magus Black
I guess I'll bring a character too.

Takano seems very much like the Hot-Headed Leader type, considering how straightforward she is with her opinion of other peoples effort, but she clearly has some commendable traits that would good for a leader. Not that I imagine that most of this Class will be all that thrilled with her.

-Magus Black, Oracle of Blades
4/2/2023 c4 135TheRoseShadow21
Well that was pretty intriguing as a chapter. I'm still thinking about the possibility of sending an OC but I am deffo still interested in this story :)
4/1/2023 c5 25Spyrorocks389
…Boi, you nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw that chapter title-

I kid, I kid. Thought this does look a lot like a story I have in the works that’s inspired by Danganronpa 69. It also kind of looks like a Danganronpa RP I want to have one day…I just need someone whose into this sort of stuff.
3/24/2023 c4 55WolfieRed23
Candle my goodness, I had time and I just had to get to work catching up on this to make some characters! I’m so intrigued by this world you’re weaving and what you have in store for Kokoro and Eddie. Though I will admit, Kokoro rubs me the wrong way, but that just means you write her extremely well! The way you described her also reminds me of Celeste, was that on purpose? Anyway, last question which is based on OCs, but how long ago was the Tragedy? From the way Eddie is speaking, he was alive during it, but I want to be certain. This is gonna be a fun story and I can’t wait to follow along!

(Also don’t feel bad about starting a new fic when you still have an unfinished fic, I did the same with Purgatorio lol!)
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