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for Shrouded Destiny

25m c40 3The-Geek-Who-Lived
Wow! The Bog Devil indeed! and an unlikely alliance formed.
5/28 c59 19orthankg1
Very nice .
5/28 c59 Ariadne Venegas
I really think the North must retire to the North or at least stay in Riverland guarding it!

Also Margery why didn’t you tell him that the problem is that Renli will never gave you any kids and you are a eye candy for others. And Renly really can’t be king because he needs heirs and doesn’t want any.
5/28 c58 orthankg1
Very nice .
5/28 c59 javi30
Very good chapter keep writing blessings to you and your loved ones
5/26 c58 Guest
Is the wolf lord going to save the of last dragons? Hopefully we find out soon
5/27 c59 Rebell 01
The sins of the late Lord Baelish.
5/27 c59 aricca
thanks for the chapter
5/26 c59 jayod
great read
5/26 c59 3Runic Arithmancer Uzumaki
Wow. Nice chapter again. Looking forward to next Sunday!
5/26 c58 2SPJaymo117
Read all three of your stories this week and have been super impressed. Nice to see your growth as a writer and looking forward to more in future!
5/21 c58 Ariadne Venegas
Why oh why died at childbirth didn’t win! I really hate that woman! After all twins are difficult. She can still die no for complications?! Make my day…
5/21 c58 2The1WriterFormerlyKnownAs
loved it!
5/20 c58 javi30
Very good chapter keep writing blessings to you and your loved ones
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