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2/24 c7 UsamimiBoukenTan
To 'Corruption of Saints' (Feb 21, 2024): A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Read… and now that I think about it (no pun intended), a similar case was discussed and almost occurred between the Doom Slayer and the Martian Manhunter in DaneNagai’s "Justice: Rip & Tear" (DOOM & Young Justice). And unless I were the Slayer (or even the Dark Lord) himself, I would NOT want ANYTHING to do with Argent Energy due to its 'corruptive' influence. Sentinel/Wraith Energy/Essence might be a safer (if lesser) alternative for everyone… besides, I’m still waiting for whatever Brok and Sindri might be doing with THEIR Argent Axe in "Universal DOOM" (Chapter 28, God of War).

(I will admit, from a gameplay perspective, Krieg the Psycho wielding the Marauder’s Argent Axe and Deleting EVERYTHING on the screen, INCLUDING Bosses, would be Incredibly CATHARTIC.)

To 'Dontus -not Donut- Powerus' (Feb 17, 2024): We haven’t touched upon "Doom Eternal" across all of ImpulsiveWeaver’s stories (yet) if memory serves… and as 'Sepia Belmont' has mentioned in their (her?) review (Chapter 5, Jan 7, 2024), that’s "the 'Christmas Crucible' that the Doom Slayer forged with Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus in "Universal DOOM" (Chapter 41, Krampus: Part Two)". With their respective Argent Energy weapons, maybe the Slayer and the Marauder might duke it out like the first Kratos vs. Thor boss battle in "God of War Ragnarök"…
2/23 c7 elgrillo87
YEEESSSSS! It finally happened. The interaction I wanted to read the most: Mr. Torgue and the Doom Slayer. I knew the Doom Slayer would use Torgue weapons sooner or later >:D
2/23 c7 Imokenpi Kinebi
1) You know, when you get to fight Handsome Jack for the first time, you’d expect him to climb into some big robot… but NOPE, he fights you, man to man, as a strange mix of FOUR of the Classes at once — he dual-wields his 'Arm Cannons' similar to Salvador's Gunzerking, tosses down Turrets like Axton, uses an Invisibility Cloak like ZER0, and calls Robots to his side like Gaige. And despite wanting to take care of the Vault Hunters himself in the "Borderlands 2" penultimate boss fight, the Irony is that he’s a rather unabashed 'Flunky Boss' (when Jack does directly fight you, he makes ample use of his Illusory Decoys and Body Doubles to confuse and attack you) whose doubles can very well kill them in his stead.

2) That brief mention of Marcus Kincaid being intimidated by the Doom Slayer to letting the Vault Hunters upgrade their arsenals in Marcus’ basement (for FREE) is certainly something — very rarely does Marcus break down and act like a decent human being, but then something happens to counter it:
• When Roland dies in "Borderlands 2", he is seriously shaken up by it, and when you set out to kill Jack, he’ll give you a free Blue-Rarity Weapon (not because Hyperion is disrupting his arms trade but because Jack is a "greedy murdering son-of-a-bitch who needs to die screaming")…
• Except the 'Assault Rifle' he gives you is notably UNDER-LEVELLED compared to the level-matched gear everyone else in Sanctuary hands out; he might hate Jack and have every reason to want to see the bastard gone, but Marcus is still a CHEAPSKATE above all else.
• "Buy or Get Lost" — Subverted as, despite his tendencies as 'The Scrooge', Marcus and his vending machines throughout Pandora greet the Hunters enthusiastically and tell them to take their time. Though it gets Double Subverted as he gets pissed off if they browse and don’t buy anything. (Marcus Munitions: "No window shopping. Buy something or beat it!")
• At least they’re not asking Marcus for 'freebies' (either guns or ammo) in "Hell in a Box" — just some 'working space' to level up; No Harm, No Foul!

3) The interaction and upgrading scene with Axton, Gaige and the Slayer was enjoyable 'world-building', for starters:
• Axton’s 'tune-up' alluded to the Commando’s Skill Trees, specifically 'Guerrilla' ('Double Up' adds a 2nd Gun to the Sabre Turret and changes both guns to fire Slag Bullets)…
• The Energy/Instinct Leash ("Bulletstorm") is BACK ONLINE! PLUS, the Slayer’s Heavy Assault Rifle becoming a 'Slag' Elemental Weapon would prove useful in making 'armoured' targets (supernatural or otherwise) more vulnerable to gunfire…
• Gaige’s repairs/upgrades to the Leash that make it 'single-use yet rechargeable, (almost) self-repairing' via Digistruct Technology does bring to mind how Tony Stark overcame the limitations of his nanotech suit through solid/hard light technology in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe"…
• And, of course, the Slayer impressing/surprising Axton and Gaige with them witnessing the Leash in action!

4) The one thing I find unexpected (yet welcomed all the same) overall is how 'affable' the "Borderlands 2" Vault Hunters are, compared to previous fan-fiction I’ve read about these 'Ragtag Bunch of Misfits'…
• Their status as 'True Companions' is rather zigzagged — on one hand, the end of "Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep" seems to push this at the end, all gathering together to pay respects to Roland and Bloodwing in a silent moment of unity and the "Headhunter Packs" DLC have them doing more casual things together such as choosing to go on vacation and celebrate holiday events together…
• On the other hand, "Borderlands 3" heavily leans towards the 'Friends Who Never Hang' trope, seeing how ZER0 and Maya don’t talk to each other during the time the two are in the story, and "Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck" focuses more on how Brick, Lilith and Mordecai view Krieg than any of his group, barring Maya.
• Speaking of Krieg… from that scene where they 'worked together' to speak "Yes" to Roland, does the Doom Slayer even know of the 'Psycho' and 'Sane' split personalities? Or was it simply a case of 'superhuman intuition' that allowed the Slayer to resolve Krieg’s inner turmoil, if only for the task at hand?

5) From the Archvile’s scene… man, it’s WILD to read that the Eridians and/or their Guardians once fended off the Demons of Hell! And its implied plan to corrupt the Warrior and use it against the Doom Slayer, hijacking Handsome Jack’s moment of glory? Is this where you intend to deviate from canon? I’m not complaining, though… it’s all becoming exciting! The only thing I wonder/worry about is who (if any, besides the villains) could die…

6) On the way to Tundra Express…
• I’ve got an alternative interpretation of VEGA’s observation about the Doom Slayer’s 'latent power' — when you consider (some of) the Fortress of Doom Easter Eggs as 'canon' for "DOOM" overall, the Slayer must have remembered his past as Doomguy losing his wife, son and pet rabbit to the Demons… so he’s MOTIVATED to save Athena, Janey Springs and Tiny Tina ASAP.
• LOVE Mr Torgue’s enthusiasm while making his commercial offer to the Slayer; the offer of FREE TORGUE GUNS does sweeten the deal, as well as that cheeky reference to composer Mick Gordon — all this adds "Borderlands" levity to an already tense situation throughout this chapter…
• I can confirm Xenozip’s Review (Feb 15, 2024) that you have a mix-up in VEGA’s assessment: Torgue ONLY has Explosive Ammunition/Rockets (like the Gyrojets) while TEDIORE is the brand that has their guns turn into grenades/explosives when thrown upon 'reloading'.
• Still, with those Torgue guns the Slayer’s being offered, maybe he’ll have the resources he’ll need to craft his very own "Warhammer 40,000" Boltgun/Bolter in his free time? That’d be epic…
• And when the Slayer finally saved Athena, Janey and Tina in this chapter? Such a 'jovial' conversation they had… until the MARAUDER appeared to kill the moment.

7) Where Angels Fear to Tread…
• Maya has been a walking 'Gameplay and Story Integration' for this chapter; what she did to the BNK-3R was a creative 'inversion' of Phaselock but it also reminded me of her 'Helios' Skill.
• While Lilith’s powers are associated with fire and dimensional travel, and Angel’s powers are associated with technopathy, Maya's abilities resemble 'classic' psychic powers; her Phaselock resembles telekinesis, the ultimate skill of her 'Motion' Skill Tree lets her mind-control enemies, and "Borderlands 3" seems to imply she’s developed a degree of precognition as well… so I admire how much 'creativity' you put into applying her 'Thoughtlock' Skill while referencing Vaulthalla from "Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck" — THIS is the kind of fan fiction I enjoy reading!
• As for opinions on 'Thoughtlock' in "Borderlands 2" gameplay… while you could trade levitating enemies in exchange for mind-controlling them to fight for you, it’s not quite as versatile in going for the kill as regular 'Phaselock' offers. ("Simple, yet Awesome" — 'Phaselock' in all but two skills does one thing: render enemies helpless by trapping them in a bubble. As anomalous and mystical as it is, it’s not as complicated as upgrading Axton’s turret with new equipment, having new buffs applied to yourself when 'Gunzerking' or dashing around while spotting weaknesses with ZER0’s DECEPTI0N, but it almost always gets the job done with only having extra duration and potential to deal some elemental damage on the side when it comes to enemies.)

8) The Doom Slayer vs. The Marauder…
• I’m hoping that everyone (Crimson Raiders, Sanctuary, etc.) will get to watch that broadcasted duel after the crisis with the Demons and Handsome Jack gets resolved, if only to read their commentary…
• Inspirational Comparisons: Batman vs. Deathstroke (Batman: Arkham Origins), Dante vs. Vergil (Devil May Cry 5), Raiden vs. Jetstream Sam (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) & Heihachi vs. Kazuya (Tekken 7).
2/20 c7 Corruption of Saints
Welp. This should be interesting. As far as useful abilities Maya posesses, I've always been a fan of Scorn for mass slag potential, and cloudkill for it's sheer corosive damage output in an area. Thoughtlock is an interesting one, but it's more interesting in a narative sense than a gameplay one with scaling. Though if Scorn and cloudkill and other such abilities are slowly unlocked... that's QUITE interesting.
Now. As far as telepathy goes, I like it. It has great tactical value in the midst of a fight... though Maya might learn the hard way that the Slayer's mind is better left untouched, which could be interesting.

On an unrelated note... maybe it's just me, but I half expected the marauder to show up at the bunker. This has been a story of characters getting upgrades, and the idea of krieg either taking the Marauder's Axe, or gaige ripping it up and incorperating it into our buzzaxe wielding friend's arsenal greatly amuses me.
2/16 c7 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Now the Slayer is not just a walking Arsenal, but a walking Armory of War Crimes. (Exploding bullets are a no no because it causes unnecessary suffering)

Anyway, the Slayer is famous now! A walking YouTuber Celebrity! As for that Marauder... Uh... I forgot if he did have the crucible or it's broken in the fanfic. But if it is fixed, then it will be one hell of a Melee death battle and would make everyone want to use energy swords and find the Star Wars movies in Borderlands.
2/15 c6 TheLastSovereign
Oh, right… it took me remembering a play-through of "Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck" to remember Dr. Benedict, the mad Hyperion scientist responsible for Krieg’s rebirth as a Psycho. No wonder Krieg freaks out from the syringe in the next chapter!
2/14 c7 10Manatread
"You were never one of us."
2/14 c7 superpierce
Love Mr Torgues commentary
2/14 c7 Xenozip
Tediore weapons are the ones that explode when they reload, Torgue weapons just use explosive ammo.
1/24 c6 CtrlaltdeletedReads
1/18 c6 Otaku Elf
Okay, checking my earlier review (after a few hours) has me notice that this website vetoes any 'unique characters' (barring a few exceptions) such as (certain) emoticons and anything similar to the (assumed) missing 'less-than sign'.

*SIGH* What a pain in the ass, this is…
1/18 c6 Otaku Elf
I think you’re missing the 'colon' (:) and/or 'hyphen' (-) in ZER0’s ":3 / :-3" emoticon… or was it supposed to be a 'heart' (3), based on how Gaige "made a similar shape with her hands"? In which case, you’re missing the 'less-than sign' ()…
1/17 c1 thewhoknows5
Oh this is gonna be good
1/17 c6 Guest
And we got the first fubar handsome krieg XD
1/17 c6 2hornig3
Krieg is gonna say the phrase and think about Maya isn't he? Oh how cute.
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