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for Hell Gates

7/15 c3 3RonaldM40196867
This rocks.
6/7 c1 the name is Agron
please update shield hero
5/31 c1 Angry edy
Did u forget about blood god or what ive been waiting for a bllod god chapter
5/31 c2 Edy
Come one wen will u make another chapter of blood god
5/30 c2 RonaldM40196867
Noah has much to show us.

Happy May!
4/21 c1 AdrianVnz
I am always in for some post apocalyptic action, wich is why i am sad there aren't more Fallout masterpieces focusing on it (specially fallout 4), anyway i will be sure to keep an eye on this one!
4/9 c1 Edyy
Wen will a new chapter for blblood od come aout
4/9 c1 Ediiiiiii
So cool story but what about blood for the blood god fanfic wen will there be a new chapter
3/24 c1 1JThestoryteller2
I like
3/15 c1 3RonaldM40196867
That’s some intense stuff.
3/15 c1 Baumbarth
'A bioweapons disguided as a cure...' you anti-vaccine?
Just a random thought when I read the summary xD
The beginning looks interesting at least

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