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12/28/2023 c1 hj-dm-sk
Was going to re-read some old LoTR fic faves after a Christmas Extended Editions marathon (they are 100% Christmas movies, thank you for coming to my TED talk), and discovered that since my last visit, you'd published this fic The Morning of Our Days. *Heck* of a Christmas gift!

It's always a joy coming back to your Mirkwood stories - I love your OC characterization, the dynamics between everyone, and the way you balance the humor and camaraderie with action/adventure/political maneuverings/drama/everything else.

I'm absolutely thrilled that you're still active in this fandom - selfishly, here's hoping you'll continue to find joy and writing inspiration in LoTR over the next year and many more to come! Happy holidays!
8/7/2023 c1 6Desmothenes87
I did not even see this story, until now, but so glad I found it. I am not always a fan of OC's but yours are simply fantastic and I love how they add to Tolkien's world. I think because you capture the spirit of the characters so much better than we saw in the movies. I must say, I agree with Thranduil about what to do with Lord Naith, although Aragorn's suggestion works well too. Looking forward to more stories and updates!
4/24/2023 c1 7Lusse Eldalion
I have no idea why, FanFiction just doesn't notify me when you update! Only thanks to my unhealthy obsession over your writting I got to see this new story AND the update on "The Morning of Our Days". No need to say that when I found that the stories where not in their usual order and that something had changed my heart skipped a beat.

I remember that the first fic I read from you was Just Deserts. I was around 15 years old so it must have been 2013, so 10 years ago! So much has happened since then! However, there is some comfort in knowing that some things don't change. I love immersing myself in the familiarity of your fics, with which I have somehow grown up and have given me tremendous joy and happiness.

As always, I loved this one shot. Seems to me like Saeldur would benefit from a loooooooong hug and an "everything will be ok".

And now on I go, to The Morning of Our Days!
4/16/2023 c1 firepoppies

Firstly I am glad to hear you have been doing better and taking a break! That’s wonderful and very well-deserved! Secondly this fic ruined me and I loved everything about it- the insights into Legolas’s relationships with Saeldur and Gimli, Legolas being both terrifying and terrified in his protectiveness (Gimli’s line about how Naith would be terrified of Thranduil’s warrior prince! And that being proven true when Legolas terrifies him at the end! The next one to touch him will die!), Legolas refusing to talk about what Naith was doing with anyone but the moment he sees Saeldur he just crumbles (MY WHOLE HEART also that line about when Legolas is trying to hide things he starts by hiding from Saeldur HURT ME I LOVE THEM) and just that entire scene with them and Saeldur being who Legolas turns to for comfort wkdbwkdhwkdbwkbs I am still reeling! That final scene with them showing everyone up at archery and Thranduil saying they should feed Naith to an oliphant made me so damn happy! Also the parallels between Legolas being taken by Bregolien and Saeldur getting kidnapped and Legolas understanding how Saeldur felt for the first time like I am not okay! Their friendship is so important to me! Thank you for much for writing this, I loved it fiercely and know I will be rereading it many many times!
4/15/2023 c1 33Melethril
Finally read this, my dear. It was a marvellous feat as always; I have felt a tug when they were said and I laughed out loud when they were plotting. I honestly want Lord Naith to be in Minas Tirith if Thranduil decides to pay a visit. I love him terrifying the living daylights out of those who are tormenting his son.
I loved everything from birds - including an overly excited owl - and helpful trees, and Dalamus and the two blockheads finding each other again. After all the pain, I think this resolved it all beautifully. Thank you so, so much!
4/1/2023 c1 7Legolass Q
This was a wonderful story of friendship and you are a terrific writer. Saeldur's faith in Legolas was admirable and well-placed. Liked the elements of humour too.

I just finished Murder in the White City as well - up to where it stopped at least. Are you going to continue that? A shame if not, as it is a brilliant story with an intriguing plot.
3/26/2023 c1 Hawaiichick
It makes my day when I see an update or new story from you. Your writing is alway a treat. :) And everything is right in this world now that Saeldur and Legolas’ relationship is recovered. To have that discord between the two was so sad to see. Love that Gimli was part of the story. He brings a wonderful dynamic to the story and even Saeldur’s warring jealousy was fun to read. The poor conflicted ellon. What stands out the most though is seeing a juxtaposition in Legolas as a prince and a warrior. He has to be both mentally strong and adapt dealing with unpleasant political situations (ie with Lord Naith) but he is also this bad-ass elite warrior that can handle all situations. I admire your Legolas very much.
3/26/2023 c1 Becca
Really enjoyed your story. I look forward to more of your work.
3/20/2023 c1 6Morningleaf24
You have no idea how happy I was to read this, I was beaming the entire day and told everyone that my favourite fic author had updated. So glad you are doing better! This was incredible, easily my favourite so far. I love the hurt/comfort and its a nice role reversal to see Saeldur injuired and Legolas worried. Love love love this
3/17/2023 c1 Guest
So glad you're back. I usually don't care for original characters but that's not the case with your stories. Many times authors do not give life to their oc and they are a name on paper. That is not so with yours. From sealdur to rochendilin to aeroniel(and I know I am spelling them all wrong) and a whole host of others they are all distinctive. You have a gift with words. Love your stories and certainly look forward to more of your work. Oh and is it wrong to wish lord naith a rather dour life after this.
3/16/2023 c1 5GreenGreatDragon
good to have you back! I love all your stories; your characters leap off the page and pull me into the story! this one is no different, and I love Saeldur's loyalty. I have quite a soft spot for him. keep up the amazing work!
3/16/2023 c1 Guest
I really enjoyed reading this new story. I read all your former stories and it is a happy surprise having another one !
3/16/2023 c1 Sabrina
Wonderful story. So glad you are back to writing. I enjoyed every bit of it. Seeing updates from you always puts a smile on my face. Looking forward to the next adventure
3/16/2023 c1 Guest
I absolutly love your stories they bring a smile to my face every time I come back to read them

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