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9/20 c15 Fan
Bruh, I can't find your name on Patreon App. I search "Russian Reversal" but it said not found.
9/20 c15 Fan
Excellent chapter, Brother. Thanks for the update. I try to get into the patreon, but have some trouble with my Paypal account. I will try again after a while.
9/12 c14 Dm
The guest below me is an idiot. Did he find out that he is a bastard child of his mother? Did he realize that he is a shit, an unwanted child?
9/12 c1 Guest
Aww the person below got angry because I said something logical and it doesn't match what he thinks. And it seems like you are very angry for that reason a failure like you who have never left his mommy's basement in years should shut their mouth and die to at least lower the burden from your parents shoulder. Tell me where am I wrong for using reviews for review? Did I insulted the author? All I did was criticise what I didn't liked about the story and I am pretty sure the author is not a bitchy little baby like you to cry over it. Go out and touch some grass because you have no sense of reality.
9/11 c14 Antoine'D'coolet
For the record, deniability, so long as it's not wholly (advertised) as such,
full-on lemon's are in-fact PLAUSIBLE here...viewer discretion is simply advised, and all that.
9/11 c14 Ax
To the Guest below me,

Stop being an idiot you fucking asshole. That's just how Overlord is. Overlord selling point is misunderstanding, that requires characters thought in detail. You don't understand that, shit head?
9/11 c1 Guest
To the guy below calling me an asshole for simply posting a review: have you ever heard of the word hypocrisy? The author can write the story because it's his own but I can't write my own review? Then what's the purpose of it? you want to criticise me for my own write-up where I am criticizing the author? Do you understand that you are the only one who needs to grow up you will see many posts and comments on the internet which you might not agree with but it doesn't mean you have to act like an absolute clown and teach other morals that are full of hypocrisy.
9/10 c11 4Alucard
Miki’s and Momongas reactions are so funny. Keep up the great work.
9/10 c14 SpudyPotato
Good chapter
9/10 c14 Matectan0707
Another great chapter.
Thank you.
But I wonder.
As flavor text became reality, I have 2 questions.

Could ainz use 1 charge of the "wish upon a star" ring to wish for a wish-ring with 3 charges?

And what would happen if someone got hit by reality slash?
Idk I tought, I would be something like: if as example your arm gets cut of by reality slash, it will become so that it always was cut of(as reality was cut for it to be like this) idk.
9/10 c1 EvilHound
What a cool start! I love this so far, my dude!
9/10 c1 I See Your Secrets
correction, 20th chapter
9/10 c14 I See Your Secrets
what an asshole, this guy below me, stop complaining, we're not even on the 10th chapter yet and I already see someone bitching, it's his story, not yours.
if he wants to focus on internal monologue and character interactions that's his own fucking decision, stop being a manchild and grow tf up
9/10 c14 Guest
Great another chapter where nothing happened and words were wasted on detailing about what the characters are thinking and feeling. Let me guess in next chapter momonga or pandora will meet some other character and there will be a great detail about how both parties think of their meeting.
9/9 c14 1Clockwork055
I didn't see any patreon links.
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