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3/22 c1 4Heart of the Demons
I don't pretend to know about the Islamic faith either, but I felt entirely moved by the way you wrote the BH6 characters and plot for this story. It just felt exactly right. I'm grateful that I got to read it whenever I could.
3/22 c1 Kilarika
Good morning / evening/ night! How are you?
Thank you, thank you so much, you don't how much joy you brought me with this one-shot as a muslim ️
Your information is correct as far I know, your research is well done and amazingly truthful
For the adoption case, as far As I know, it's not allowed as you said, but If I remember correctly, the "parents" can care about the adopted children and love them as if they are their own: school, clothes,... Etc, the only thing that had to be clear for the children is that their adoptive parents are not their birth parents! And Allah (SWT) knows best.
Well done ️
Take care of yourself, eat well and DRINK WATER! A lot of us forget to do that lol
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